Bad Parenting Causes, Effects, and Remedies

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No matter what age your children are, parenting is a tough job at every stage. Where it is very hard to comprehend what parenting style would work best for the kids, at the same time, the way you interact with them and the parenting style you use on them has a great impact on their personalities and future. It has a huge impact on how kids grow and gain success in the future.

Bad parenting is something that we acquire by not knowing how it is affecting our kids. Every parent wants their kids to be successful and responsible in their life. Where every parent has the same wish, not all of us manage to fulfill this wish. Even though every parent wants good for the kids, but bad parenting gets in the way.

Before you go all judgmental on yourself for not being good enough for your kids, look around the challenges that parents face while going through this phase. With these challenges, trying to be perfect is a long shot. It is impossible to be an all-round perfect parent, but it is never wrong to try out new things. Let us understand what challenges parents face, the signs of bad parenting, and how it affects the children.

The Most Common Parenting Challenges

Parenting becomes tough when you realize how challenging it is. The reason why it is becoming challenging is the lifestyle change that requires a new mindset and approach every day. With the advancement of time, everything is changing and so the parenting has to be changed as well. Here are a few of the challenges that parents face these days:

·Time Management

Gone are the times when women used to spend all of their time on kids. Now they also do work, manage different tasks, and try hard to balance everything. In this race of managing everything right, they often find it hard to focus on parenting. But failure in prioritizing parenting can lead to the suffering of the kids.

·No Emotional Bonding

Parents find it hard to spend too much time with their kids, thus handing them over to nannies or giving them gadgets to spend time. Where this might seem convenient at the moment, these things can lead to bad parenting because this way, it becomes hard to establish emotional bonding with the kids leading towards loneliness in the kids.


Technology is the biggest challenge of this era. It has also brought upon a generation gap where kids and parents tend to be enjoying separate things. Most parents don’t realize the negative effects of technology and digital media on the kids. Where parents start to ignore this, kids make their life in social media which is very dangerous for them.

Causes of Bad Parenting

No parents want to do bad for their kids, but some factors automatically lead to bad parentings. We might be thinking of these things as normal, so let’s take a look at how small things in our life are contributing to bad parenting:

·Drug Use

If you are suffering from substance abuse, there are high chances that it will lead to bad parenting. Drugs make you unreliable and not capable enough to take care of kids and it can badly affect your kids as well.


There are a few parents who don’t want to prioritize their kids over their own life. They are egoistic enough to care about their success and progress over the physical and mental health of the kids. With such issues, children can become mentally affected as well.

·Mental Health Issues

Parents who are suffering from mental health issues are hardly capable of taking care of their kids as time demands. With mental health challenges, it is hard enough to take care of yourself let alone caring for a child.


If kids grow up in a family where poverty is a big challenge, there are high chances that they won’t get proper education and other facilities of life. Where parents might have a good understanding of the situation, kids often become depressed and hopeless.

·Broken Families

If you are not living with your partner, it is very difficult for you to lead a happy and healthy life but at the same time, it negatively affects kids as well. Kids need both of their parents to lead a good life. Though it is important, you can still manage to be a good parent while taking care of your child alone.


Yes, giving your kids to technology is a cause of bad parenting. You might think that your kids deserve this like every other kid using the internet and mobile phones, but if you are leaving them unmonitored, you are making a big mistake. Where it is beneficial, technology can also prove to be very dangerous for your kids. So, parents should monitor the social media of their kids.

Effects of Bad Parenting

There might be several reasons for bad parenting, but when you are unable to take care of your children, it can lead to several factors such as:

·Antisocial Behavior

Antisocial behavior is one of the most common effects of children facing bad parenting and becomes alone. They don’t have the confidence to share their opinions in public, they are scared of being in-crowd, and they feel they are not worthy enough. It can further lead to drug abuse and depression.


When they don’t get enough attention from the kids, they become aggressive and hopeless day by day. They start seeking attention and love from outside, and when they don’t get it, they become angry and lonely.

·Lack of Empathy

If the child is not getting the understanding and love from home, they can hardly give it to other people outside their homes. It leads to a lack of empathy and understanding for others as they feel nobody understood them in the first place.

·Difficulty in Relationship

When parents don’t help their kids healthily express their emotions, it can lead to a poor relationship approach by the kids. They hardly maintain their friendship let alone develop a long and healthy relationship.

Here are some more details about the negative effects of bad parenting:

How to Be a Good Parent?

Where there is no hard and fast rule of becoming a perfect parent, there are a few things that can be tried to become better at what you are doing:

·Don’t Be Authoritative All the Time

Kids of this age don’t like to be given orders and told about what to do and what to not. If you want to give them orders and tell them what to do without giving any reason, you are mistaken that it will work.

·Set Rules

There is no life at home without some basic rules. Set some basic rules about living at home and your kids must be given a proper part in developing those rules. Discuss with them and tell them how a family should live.

·Reward and Punishment

Kids like to be rewarded and appreciated for what they do good. Develop the habit of appreciating them for the little good they do and plan small reasonable punishments for when they are being bad.

·Monitor their Internet Use

Unmonitored use of the internet can lead to poor results. If you don’t know, then look around and see how the internet and social media is ruining the lives of kids with factors like cyberbullying and predating, If you want your kids to suffer, monitor their social media use with the help of parental control software.

SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that can help you keep an eye on your kids when they are using social media. You can take care of them and see when it is time to intervene to save them from danger. Don’t hover over their heads all the time, but be patient and see how they are doing over there.