Why Parents Should Monitor Social Media of Their Kids?

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In our social media-oriented society, it is advised for parents not to let the children get addicted to social media. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are considered to be dangerous for kids but at the same time, some parents have given their kids unguided access to social media as they consider it to be normal for the kids. This conflict has been in the debates for so long about whether they should be given access to social media or not. Also, it has been in debates that why parents should monitor social media of their kids?

Not giving them access to social media is next to impossible these days. They have friends who allure them into using social media continuously, they show them this glittery world and make them think that they should use it too. It has become very difficult for parents to keep their children away from social media where all they can see is this fantasy world around them. And then some are in favor of giving their children the unguided access where their children are more prone to dangers than others. 

The best and the balanced way to deal with this is to give them access and monitor them in the process. At first, you must guide them about the right way of making accounts and keeping their privacy in check. Parents should sit with their children when they are about to get started with social media. They must guide them properly about the correct use of social media. They must be taught well about the pros and cons of social media. Also, they must know that the monitoring part is for their good. 

The Cons of Social Media for Children

Our news feeds are filled with horrifying stories regarding the misuse of social media and how it went all wrong with the kids. Cyberbullying, predators, sexting, and whatnot. Our kids are exposed to a lot of things when they start using social media. The news and the stories make us believe that social media is bad for us and worse for the kids.

Because of the dangers of social media, the age limit for using most of the platforms is 13 years. Your kid has to be 13 years old to make an account on a social media platform. But, kids often give their wrong age when their peers allure them into doing it. This is where it all starts. Even some parents falsify the birthdate of their kids to have them the account there. And, then they hardly give the supervision that is required for the correct and safe use of social media. 

Here are some of the cons of social media for kids:

  • Cyberbullying is among the most common and dangerous threats of social media. Kids often get in the trap of cyberbullying whenever they fight. Nowadays, kids use social media to humiliate each other through inappropriate posts about each other. This danger has taken things to another level where kids have even done self-harming activities to fight the embarrassment. 
  • When they get on social media, they often seek relationships there and they get the fake ones. Sexting is one of the most common activities that kids do to maintain their online relationships. Sexting involves sharing sexual stuff. Often such pictures and videos are used against them later.
  • Online predators are lurking around social media in search of innocent kids to have them share their personal information. These predators reach kids in the nicest ways to earn their trust and then they get them to share the information that might be used against them. 

Is your kid exposed to such dangers online? Yes, absolutely. The moment they sign up, they are exposed to multiple things on social media that involve these dangers as well. Kids who have guidance and trust from their parents might fight this very well, but most of them are unable to face this alone. However, with the dangers coming along, there are some benefits of using social media as well. 

Pros of Social Media for Kids

Social media is not all bad for kids. You have to maintain the balance between the good and the bad. Social media opens several doors for the kids that are healthy for them. However, it is up to them to use it the smart way or get trapped in the wrong ones. 

Here are some of the pros of social media for kids:

  • They can self-educate themselves through and know the difference between right and wrong. They will come across several news and information that are fake. Through the exposure, they will be able to decide what to trust and what to not. 
  • They might get involved in online friendships that are healthy for them and give them the confidence they seek. 
  • They will learn to express their views confidently and in a better way on online platforms. There are forums and communities where everyone is encouraged to share their opinions about everything whether good or bad. 

Several other things are beneficial for the kids when they use social media. There is no doubt that there are good things there too, but all that matters is it should be used in smart ways. 

Why Should Parents Monitor Social Media of Their Kids?

In this scenario, it is smart to not to stop your kids from using social media. However, it is advised and beneficial to monitor their use of social media as much as you can. There are a lot of parental control apps available in the market that allow the monitoring.

SecureTeen is one of the best ones that can be used to monitor your kids’ social media for their good. It allows you to see their chats, posts, call logs, and even message logs. You can even manage their screen time. This is the right way to keep them safe and secure. 

Also, make sure you have earned their trust so that they can come to you whenever they are in trouble. They must know that you are there for them.

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