How to Stay Connected with Teens despite Frequent Travelling for Work

The situation may be far from simple for you if you’re a single parent trying to balance work with taking care of your teens. However, it can get even more complicated if your work involves travelling a lot and does being away from your kids. For single parents raising children, such a scenario is nothing short of a nightmare. Fortunately, there’s a way to make things work out just fine. There is nothing that says you can’t be there for your teens while taking care of your work commitments.

Staying connected through technology

In the digital age of today, distances have become pretty insignificant. You can be miles away from your teens and yet still stay in touch with them through the likes of Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook. Technology has indeed made lives somewhat easier for single parents raising kids. Even if you’re not tech or Internet-savvy, you always have the good, old-fashioned phone to rely on. Just make sure that you speak to your young ones to daily basis, even if the session lasts only a few minutes. This can keep them from feeling lonely and missing you too much.

 Don’t be absent for too long

Staying connected to your teens through technology may help, but it can’t be considered an alternative to your physical presence in their life. Tough as it may seem, make it a point to be there for them and with them on their big and important days. Don’t let your temptation for rest after a hectic day get in your way. You wouldn’t want to shatter your kids’ expectations and then sleep on it. Instead, you would surely want to give them a sense of security and remind them how precious they are to you.

Be a team

Always remember that you and your teens are a team. Don’t let your team members feel like you’ve deserted them or switched teams. You may be busy at work, but you can still continue providing your kids love and support through various channels. You can make plans to do fun things together the next time the family gets together, thus strengthening the bonds.

The inspiring parenting of Dwayne Wade

Staying connected to your child while being a single parent who travels a lot for work doesn’t sound like an ideal situation to be in. However, the Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade proves that things be still be close to perfect under such circumstance. The NBA player firmly believes that children should not have to turn to anyone for attention and affection. Despite being as busy as he is, Wade makes it a point to talk to his boys about the usual stuff daily. He also makes sure that he’s always there with them on the important dates such as birthdays. No matter where he is, his kids are always there on his mind.

The way Wade is keeping his kids on top in his priority list and staying connected to them despite his hectic is indeed inspiration for single parents around the globe. One simply needs to learn to balance everything out to get to a win-win situation.

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