Top 3 Reasons You Should Immediately Get Online Parental Controls

Do you remember the time when you were your kid’s age? Things were quite simpler back then. The surroundings were safer, and we hardly had an access to the internet, but things have changed now. Our kids are exposed to cyberbullies, stalkers, strangers with ill intentions, and various other serious threats. This is why we need to be more cautious. Monitoring teens through the help of online parental controls is one way of dealing with the problem, and a pretty effective one too. Considering the prevalence of mobile devices among teens, it’s imperative that you no longer wait to utilize the technological solution to protect your youngsters from myriad digital threats.

Minimize the Chances of Cyberbullying

According to a recent survey conducted in the United States, every 7 out of 10 teens are victims of cyberbullying. Going further, 54% of surveyed teens faced bullying on Facebook, while 37% of them were seriously abused on a frequent basis. What if your kid’s new Facebook friend is actually a 40 years old hacker trying to gain his trust only to exploit him afterwards, or his so-called friends are leaving harsh, funny and humiliating comments on all his posts just for fun? Do you have any idea how little incidents like these can affect the mental health of teens? Installing a parental control is not an option, it’s a necessity. Here is how parental control software keeps your kids safe from cyberbullying.

  • It monitors Social Media to detect bullies
  • It keeps you updated about teen’s Facebook friends
  • It saves Facebook chat history
  • It easily detects if someone is stalking your kid on Facebook
Makes Internet Safer for Teens

Access to smartphones with internet connectivity leaves teens exposed to violence, porn, suicidal content, drug dealers, and much more. Do you want your kid getting addicted to porn or learning about drugs? Are you doing anything to make sure your kid is not the one searching for easy and simple ways of committing suicide? Parental control software may be just another tool for you, but it is actually a life-saver as it immediately tells parents what their kids are up to. Do not risk your kid’s life and his peace of mind just because you do not want to spend a few extra dollars on monitoring software. Here is how these tools can help you in making internet safer for kids.

  • It blocks mature content
  • It blocks inappropriate apps
  • It filters the internet
  • It logs web history
  • It provides control on internet usage
Keeps You Updated about Teens’ Whereabouts

Teens sometimes tell a lie, especially when they are already doing or planning on doing something they know their parents would disapprove, but fortunately parental control software keeps you aware of the truth. It keeps track of the device location, which also comes in handy in emergency situations. Following are a few other benefits of using parental control software.

  • It detects device location 24/7
  • It allows you to act promptly in emergency situations

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