Top 3 Reasons You Must Stop Stalking Teens on Social Media

An increasing number of parents are turning to stalking their kids, and they proudly talk about it in social gatherings without thinking for a second how teens will feel if they ever come to know about it. It’s hard to imagine kids forgiving their parents for disguising themselves as a close friend from New York, or a girl who enjoys similar taste in music or films. They are also unlikely to be okay with their social activities being tracked, or their messages snooped on. Things like these cannot be ignored. Sooner or later, you have to ponder over the risk you’re taking. Internet stalking such as snooping on their Facebook interactions, even if done solely for safety purposes, can cause serious consequences which you may not notice now. Here is how this act of yours can affect your kids.

It Makes Teens Feel You Don’t Trust Them

Stalking teens on social media give teens a clear message that you do not trust them because if you really do, then you will never read their Facebook conversations or recent posts behind their back. This little habit of yours which is surely done for kid’s protection can make them feel insecure and uncomfortable. The fact that they are being monitored online is itself enough to ruin their mood. If you think that stalking kids will keep them away from drugs, alcohol, cyberbullies, etc., then you are wrong. It will only affect your relationship with them as they will eventually come to know about it, if not from you, then from someone else, and when they do, you will lose your respect and dignity permanently. So, stop stalking for protecting teens online. Do not give your teens a reason to think that you don’t trust them.

It Makes Them Weak and Indecisive

Do you have any idea how much damage this stalking habit of yours can cause to your kid? You are raising a dependant, weak and indecisive child who will always come to you for resolving his issues instead of facing them bravely. Internet is here to stay, which means cyberbullying and other online threats aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Can you protect kids from these issues all their life? If yes, then keep stalking them, and if not, then just lend them your support while allowing them to face their problems so that they can learn how to handle the difficult situation, and how to react in these situations.

It Takes Away Their Privacy

Teens are like birds. They want to fly freely and exercise a certain degree of independence. Just like adults, they also need privacy, something that your stalking practice takes away from them. They want space to breathe. It’s natural to be worried for them, especially these days when cyberbullying is prevalent, but you also have to understand that teens do not want you or anyone else to interfere in all their matters or to go through their personal stuff like social media chat, etc. You’ll have a lot of explaining to do lest your kid catches a gist of what you’re up to.

Social media is not the safest zone on the internet, but stalking is not the appropriate antidote to the threat. If you are extremely worried, then you may install parental control software on their devices, but only after taking them into confidence so that they don’t feel cheated and betrayed.

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