The Adverse Effects of Excessive Screen Time on Kids

Giving in to your parental instinct, you buy your kids smartphones, tablets, laptops, and video game consoles because you want to see them happy and enjoying themselves. However, when you buy them these things, they become confined to the house and spend a large chunk of their time watching these screens. If they are not using their smartphones, they’ll be on their laptops, and if they’re not on their laptop, then they will probably be staring at some other screen. This excessive screen time can lead to a handful of problems for them, some of which have been outlined below.

Weak Eyesight

First and arguably the biggest issue your kids can encounter due to excessive screen time is weak eyesight. Watching your young ones impair their eyesight and getting them glasses at such a young age is something you wouldn’t want, which is why it is advised that you set time-limits on the usage of these devices. Encourage your kids to go outside and participate in physical activities. Furthermore, don’t buy them every single device out there because if you do, then their whole life will start to revolve around them. If you’re already too deep into this problem, then we suggest taking help from parental controls as they allow you to see how much time your children are spending on the devices, and allow to you to block apps and even the internet on the device.

Reduced Attention Span

Researchers have found that people who spend most of their time on smartphones or laptops tend to have shorter attention span. This is particularly bad news for kids because it means that they are unable to focus in their classrooms and are unable to engage in a conversation for more than a few minutes. Children need to be on top of their game in order to succeed, but if their attention span is reduced, it can get pretty difficult to get them focused on anything, except perhaps the screens that they are hooked on.

Sleep Deprivation

Another major problem that kids indulging in excessive screen time may develop is sleep deprivation. This is a major issue, especially at a young age because when they are not getting enough sleep, their body and mind suffers, as a result of which they are neither able to remain active, nor focus on learning anything. This harms them in their school, social, and regular life.

Disconnection from People

As kids spend more and more time on digital gadgets, their whole life starts to revolve around them. They develop interests that are related to them and continue on to spend a large chunk of their time on them. This eventually leads to them getting disconnected with people around them. They don’t make time for family, don’t go out with friends, and don’t even try to expand real real-world social circle, thus getting more and more isolated. You certainly wouldn’t want that to happen with your kids, which is why it is recommended that you limit the amount of time they are allowed to spend on smartphone, tablet, laptop, video games, etc.

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