Parental Control Apps are Gaining Importance in the Digital Age

We cannot deny the fact that we are living in the age of technology. Everything around us has gone digital. We are surrounded by touchscreen phones and smart technology. Everything can be found on the internet just with the help of a single swipe on your smartphone. Children get acquainted with electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, game consoles, at a very young age. When they enter their teen years, they demand to have their own separate mobile phones. Having a mobile phone in today’s digital age is necessary but it also has its own side effects. Teens have direct access to the internet, and they’re most likely to invite all the troubles that come with it. They can get into online traps and fall for cyber scams.

Thankfully, we have parental control apps that help us keep an eye on our teens around the clock while letting them enjoy their privacy. These parental control apps are gaining immense popularity because they help parents monitor their teen’s digital activity on their computers as well as their mobile phones.

These monitoring solutions enable parents to keep a regular check on their teen’s lifestyle without letting them feel bad. With the help of these apps, teens can stay away from the online hazards and can experience a safe digital journey.

Following are some of the reasons why these parental control apps are gaining importance all across the globe:

24/7 Monitoring

With parental control apps, parents can monitor their teen’s online activity 24/7. There might be times when teens get involved with bad people through text messages or calls. Someone can easily make them a prey and bully or harass them over calls or text messages. On the other hand, they can surf any kind of website whenever they want. Access to pornography and many more inappropriate websites is easy. They can even download unsuitable apps such as the ones used for sexting and then fall hard for them. Therefore, by using a parental control app, parents can keep an eye on all of these activities and stop their children before anything bad happens to them.

Tracking the Location

One of the best features of a parental control app is that it can track teen’s location all the time. Once this app is installed on a teen’s phone, parents can always know where their teens are going or whom they’re visiting. In today’s sensitive times, teens are susceptible to getting lost, kidnapping, violence, and robbery. Therefore, it is vital to keep an eye on their whereabouts and make sure they don’t go to any insecure places.

Time Management

A parental control app works best in terms of time management. Parents can set a time-based schedule for electronic device usage by teens so they can pay more attention to other essential aspects of their life such as sports, extracurricular activities, friends, etc. A timetable for a teen’s mobile phone usage can be created so they can also focus on other activities except for spending the entire time using their phone.

Application Blocking

Parental control apps also help parents to block certain applications on their teen’s phone which they do not want them to use. They can permanently block the apps and their functionality, making their teens not able to use the app at all.

Social Media Monitoring

Teens are obsessive about using social media these days. They have created accounts on every social media website and also keep updating their profiles from time to time. Parents should definitely know what is happening on their social media accounts. Moreover, they should also know what kind of pictures their teens are uploading on the social media and whom they’re chatting with. To monitor teen’s social media activity, a parental control app is a must. With the help of this app, parents will be able to scan their teen’s timeline, friend requests, photos, and instant messaging.

Safe Search

Once teens learn about certain pornographic websites or other inappropriate content available on the web, they tend to watch it. Watching explicit content can cause serious damage to their personality and make them addicted. Parents can intervene simply by putting online filters on their teen’s web browser. These online filters help to take out all the mature and harmful content from the web before their teen can look up for it on the search results. By adding these filters, teens are not able to view any blocked content. These filters are also enabled with the help of a parental control app.

We are not denying the numerous convenience that digital world has given us but at the same time, we also want to stay away from the problems emanating from it. It is important for parents to make their teens understand real online threats such as cyberbullying and how they can affect them. Having a conversation about the same topic with teens is also very important. Parents should talk to their teens about the dangers and the rising necessity of constant parental monitoring. With parental control apps, they can monitor their teen’s lives without having to directly interfere in their private lives. 

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