Make your Teen a Responsible User of Modern Gadgets

With the spread of technology far beyond the concept of possible and impossible, almost every parent must have had this uneasy feeling creep up on them that their kids are having more fun with all their electronic gadgets than they should. Being tech savvy is important these days, but teaching children the priceless lesson of using technology with responsibility is also a must. So read on to know how to lay down the rules when it comes to using and acquiring tech gadgets for your teenagers along with the “when and why” of the issue.

The exposure to technology is becoming acceptable for and accessible to younger children with every passing year. However, not much time or attention is being spent on finding out the effects this early exposure could have on the minds of these children. This is why it is important that you limit the use of technology in your children’s daily life not just for social, intellectual and physical reasons but financial too.

Are gadgets a luxury or a necessity?

Even though your teen may be lamenting endlessly about the negative effects of not owning a cool cell phone on their social life, yet it is entirely up to you to decide whether the latest smart phone or iPhone really is a matter of life or death for your teen. You first need to sort out where such a demand falls on your priority list of needs and wants for your teen, or the entire family for that matter, and then make a decision. Also take charge of the kind of package your teen picks for their cell phone service provider. Most schools have already banned the use of smart phones even during breaks, so a package with full internet access is not entirely necessary. If all they want to use it for is to inform you about their whereabouts and such, a basic phone package is good enough. They already enjoy internet on their PCs and laptops, a few hours without internet or even phone, particularly during school hours, is not just OK, it’s necessary. So before buying any expensive gadget for your teen, separate the needs from the wants.

Teach responsibility

Being constantly in touch with technology and acquiring all the latest electronics for teenagers is a dream come true for them, but as an adult you should be far sighted enough to know what this can result in. People lose touch with their immediate surroundings and tend to become extremely anti-social and isolated. This is why it is important to not let technology rule your life. Set boundaries when it comes to access and use of technology by your family, especially teens.

Set conditions

Every new gadget is an opportunity for you and your teen to bond as well. See what they can teach you about this new technology and see what you can teach them about the responsible use of it. As a responsible parent it’s up to you to make sure you know how, when and for what your teens are using them.

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