How to Help a Teen Who is Suicidal

Suicide rates in teens have been on the rise lately and in most of these incidents, parents didn’t even know what their kids were going through until it was too late. This has started to worry a lot of parents as they now want to know more about the underlying causes of teen suicides so that their kids don’t suffer a similar fate. Before helping your teen, however, you have to look at the reasons that can lead to teen suicides.

Major Reasons for Suicide

One of the reasons behind high suicide rates is cyberbullying, which has become rampant nowadays as the bullies have tools to always have eyes on their prey. The targets try to escape bullies, but that simply isn’t possible in the digital world. They get so frustrated and take the attacks to their heart, eventually deciding in the end to end their lives. Another major reason behind suicides in teens is the role of parents. If the environment of a household stays tense all the time and parents aren’t on good terms with each other, then the likelihood of their child going rogue or committing suicide is pretty high. The lack of attention is another reason behind kids opting for suicide.

How to Help Them

Now that the most common reasons behind teen suicides is known, it’s time to stop your kids from doing it. If you have a teenager who you believe is having suicidal tendencies, then you need to know what’s happening in his life. Monitoring apps and communication can be of huge help here.

Monitoring Apps

Monitoring apps allow you to see almost every activity that is being performed by your kids on their smartphones. Yes, it is an invasion of their privacy, but you have to think about what’s at stake here. If you manage to put your kids out of this sticky situation, they would certainly thank you later in life for your supervision and interference.

After installing a monitoring app on your kids’ phone, you will know where they are, who they’re talking to, what kind of language they using, etc. if you see someone threatening them or treating them in a way that may put them on the suicidal path, then you should step in and deal with the matter in a timely and safe manner.


Every matter can be resolved through communication, and this is where you will need it the most. If your teenager or someone you know is going through a suicidal phase, then you have to sit them down and have an actual normal conversation with them. You have to make them realize how important their lives are, how important they are to people around them, and how they’re going through a phase that will pass away before they even know it. Teenagers are excitable and complacent, and therefore they are easily influenced. Knowing that, it is advised that, as a parent, you must always keep an eye on your children and keep the lines of communication wide open.

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