Helping Teens Overcome Facebook Addiction: Top 5 Strategies Revealed

There was a time when parents of teenagers used to worry about alcohol and drug addiction. Nowadays, they are more concerned about Facebook addiction among teens. Facebook addiction is a frequently used term these days as countless teens are seen to be spending an outrageous amount of their time on the social networking platform. The most worrisome part is that they start neglecting other aspects of their life as a result, including studies, physical activities, real-life interactions, etc. As a parent, you cannot shut your eyes to this growing problem. Fortunately, there are quite a few solutions to social media addiction. We have shared a few of them right here for your convenience.

1. Monitor Facebook Activities of Teens

Install parental control software on your teen’s laptop or mobile device to monitor their Facebook activities, but do not forget to let them know that you will be keeping tabs on their digital social life. The chances are they will automatically stop or at least limit the use of Facebook as they are very conscious about their privacy just like adults. Even if they keep using the website, then still you can stay aware of the posts they share, statuses they update, their Facebook friends, etc.

2. Encourage Teens to Socialize with Real People

Teens must know the difference between having a lot of friends online and maintaining a social circle in real life. Create opportunities for them to expand their social circle by taking them to parties or dinners with you, and also by allowing them to spend time with their age fellows. Introduce them to kids of your colleagues or friends. This will gradually sharpen their social skills and hopefully reduce the time they spend online.

3. Set Limit to Facebook Usage

Another good way to break your teen’s Facebook addiction is by setting its usage limit. Make it clear to them that they are not allowed to spend more than an hour on Facebook. Going further, you may block the Internet on their device for a certain period of time to disconnect them from their digital life and encourage them to connect to their real life. A few monitoring software offer the internet blocking feature.

4. Block the Website If You Have to

If all the above-mentioned strategies fail and your kid is not giving up on Facebook use, then you may take the extreme step of blocking the website. All good parental control software come with the website blocking feature. Before you block the website, do tell your teen what you are about to do and the purpose behind it. Assure them that it is for their own good, and that they will eventually regain Facebook privileges once you feel their addiction has been thwarted.

5. Develop Healthy Habits among Teens

The best way to overcome Facebook addiction among teens is to keep them busy in other activities so that they may not get enough time for Facebook. You may ask them to help you in gardening, or gift them an interesting book or novel to read. It’s even better if you get them enrolled in music, dance, computer or other similar classes. It will not only help in diverting their mind away from Facebook, but will also prove productive for them.

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