Real-Time Location Tracking for the Safety of Kids

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Real-time location tracking is all about knowing why your kids got late and where have they been. If you think it is about violating their rights of privacy and not putting your trust in them, then you must look around and see how kids are being trapped these days. The more you let them become secretive with their lives, the more they are prone to such traps. You need to know whose house are they at or why haven’t they arrived back from school yet?

Knowing their location is the key to successful parenting which you might not realize it yet. Take a scenario, for example, your kids are supposed to come back from their football practice at 5 pm but it is 6 pm and they are not home yet. Even their mobile phones are off. What would be your condition in this scenario? Do you know how adults and other mean kids allure such innocent kids into doing something wrong or taking them to weird places? Well, look at the news and you will know a lot more.

The same happened to Jack, an engineer. He usually received a text from his kids when they were home but for the better part, he also tracked them. The real-time location tracking came in handy when one day the kids weren’t at home at the right time. He waited for the text for about 15 minutes and then he looked into the app to see where they are at the moment. To his surprise, they were going the opposite way from the house and he got worried.

He got into his car and followed the tracker. He decided to go secretly so that the kids wouldn’t feel bad or ashamed in front of their friends. He decided to talk about this at home. But to his surprise, the kids were walking with some other boys than their friends. Soon, they turned into an empty roadblock and the other kids started snatching the kids’ bags. Jack then decided to intervene and save his kids. When this was over, the kids told Jack that those boys didn’t like them but that day, they asked to have a walk together to start a friendship.

Jack saved his kids, drove them home, and then talked to them about the whole scenario and how they should never trust strangers. Jack told them about the tracking app and the reason why he used it. Given the incident, kids understood it right away and confided in their dad more than ever by telling him about all the threats they had been receiving at school. Jack decided to talk to the school management the next day and keep an eye on kids for protection.

What would you do if you were in the place of Jack?

What Should Parents Do to Protect Their Kids?

For the starter, you don’t want to be unknown to the issues they are having. If you have left them alone and think that they can handle things on their own, you are mistaken. You must understand that things are happening beyond kids’ understanding. Innocent kids are being targeted and trapped in a way that they can’t even predict. So, what good are you if you are not taking care of your kids? Parenting with love and logic requires you to be very active and present at the moment to protect your kids. Here some of the things that you can do make this happen:


Do you already talk to them? That’s good but do they talk to you? Or more precisely, do you let them talk to you about everything? Or you just bash them for the things that sound wrong? This is a big gap in communication that is developed over time when you don’t have the stamina to understand their issues. Don’t do this to them. They need you more than anything right now. Communicate with them more often, share your issues, show them that you are not flawless so that they can share their flaws. The more you do that, the more they will confide in you.

·Make Some Rules

Have them sit with you and discuss some basic house rules that are meant to be followed by everyone including you. The rules must be about how they must talk to you in family meetings, why they should not use mobile phones during dinner time, and that where you should go together for a family trip. These and many other things can be included in the rules that would make communication easy and faster. Don’t feel bad if they break one or two rules on the way, just keep them on the track every once in a while.

·Real-Time Location Tracking Apps

Knowing their location is a must for their safety these days. There is plenty of apps nowadays available in the market. These apps not only let you know their location but you can also monitor their social media and other activities. If you don’t know it yet, look around and you will know that most of the negative things are emerging from social media. So, if you monitor it, it would be a plus point for you.

SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that lets you do plenty of things under one roof and even remotely. You can track their location, calls, messages, monitor their social media accounts, manage their screen time, and much more just by the use of this app. Your kids are a hundred percent under your supervision through this app. You can protect them, guide them, and save them when it is required. Download the app today and see the marvels it can do for you. Don’t forget to get your children on board to make sure they know why you are doing it. Communicate with them more often and show them how scary the world has become. Meanwhile, give them the freedom they deserve.