Will Harsh Punishments Discipline Your Teen?

Discipline for teenagers becomes a daunting task for parents, once the kids know how to exercise their right to freedom. By doing so, teenagers make mistakes and sometimes end up in a deep mess. For parents, the only plausible solution in such a situation is to curb the freedom their kids have misused. But parents forget that freedom is like a breath of life for teenagers. Therefore, restricting their freedom would result in more tensions and revolt from the teenagers. Let’s have a look at some guidelines for punishments for teenagers that will prove to be beneficial for both parents and kids.

Parents need to take control of the situation and not lose control of their anger. They should know that taking away every freedom of their teen will only make them belligerent and aggressive as they will have nothing to lose. If your teen is caught texting while driving, then confiscate their car keys, but don’t stop your teen from going out with friends. Give teens some leverage so that the next time they misbehave or break rules, there is something parents can take away from their teen as a punishment.

Do not hurt your teen’s self-esteem. Always punish them for the mistake they have made and avoid taking it out on something else. For instance, do not stop your kid from football practice sessions because he/she broke their curfew. Activities that nourish teens’ development should be included in the list of punishments.

You should not cut down all social contacts of your teen. Parents should restrict their teens’ unnecessary movements outside the house, but don’t make them feel a social outcast.

Most importantly, ground them for only short periods of time. Teens have a social position among their peers and if they are kept away for long time, chances are they will be replaced or forgotten. This will leaves a lasting impression on the teenagers.

Parents should be strict with their teens when it comes to discipline but should refrain from going overboard with punishments as this may become more of a trouble than a solution.

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