Monitoring with Facebook Hack Tool Should Parents Do It?

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We all know how social media made its place in our lives gradually. At first, it was supposed to be for fun, entertainment, and knowledge. There was unlimited posting, sharing, and a lot more that could keep a person entertained for hours. It is the same now, but the level of addiction has increased and the users are not more enthusiastic than ever. For adults like us, it was a slow process to understand the proper use of social media. As we learned about the safe and correct use, our kids and teens have been going the other way around.

Teens nowadays think that they know everything and they own the social media especially Facebook. The things they share, the emotions they feel, it is all for their benefit, and that they will be able to make a place in the society through this. Little do they know that this fun comes with a price sometimes. The more your share on Facebook and the more you talk to strangers, the more you are putting yourself in danger. That’s why parents are concerned if they should do monitoring with the Facebook hack tool or not.

Monitor Social Media or Not?

It is a very long debate that is going on for years whether parents should leave their kids independent and alone with their mobile phones or should they consider keeping an eye on them.

Some people even parents say that it is against kids’ rights and privacy concerns that they are monitored. Once you have given them the access to internet and social media, leave them be. Let them explore on their own and they will know the right way of using it. If you keep on interfering in their social media fun life, they might not even consider you to be a part of their fun anymore. You might drive them away and they will still do whatever they wish even it means hiding things from you. You ought to let them enjoy their freedom so that they can know how open-minded you are.

On the other hand, lots of experts and parents have this opinion that kids must be monitored. Although they are free to enjoy their freedom they don’t have enough information to use social media the right way. It is like a Disney land to them and they don’t know the dark sides. Parents, being the ones who know how it can be proven dangerous to their kids, must keep an eye on them and guide them where they lack the proper wisdom. It was not a serious action until there were kids who tried committing suicide and showed self-harming acts because of the things happening to them on the internet. This is the time when parents realize it is time to monitor the kids.

Reasons to Monitor Facebook

If you are in the moment of doubt that whether you should be monitoring your kids’ Facebook or not, here are some of the reason for you to think about:


Yes, it is one of the most important and prevailing facts that is putting a lot of kids in danger. Bullying is no more confined to schools or streets, it has taken a new and more aggressive form. Now, kids share inappropriate stuff about each other on the internet to humiliate each other. It doesn’t end here; people have taken the use of Facebook to another level where they make groups or pages just to embarrass someone. This humiliation is not bearable for most of the sensitive kids and so they might take aggressive steps to get out of it.

·Fake Relationships

Where Facebook is all fun to share things, at the same time, it is so exciting to make friends there. Since its origin, people have been making new relationships and friends so excitedly, but it also comes with a cost sometimes. Kids especially share a lot of inappropriate things with their so-called new partners to impress them. Those things might include sexual images, videos, and stuff. In doing so, they often don’t realize that these relationships might end and these things can be used against them.


Kids are an easy target if you want to obtain some information fast and fool them. Some adults are roaming around the internet looking for such innocent kids to earn their trust and have them share private information like credit card numbers, addresses, etc. First, they connect with the kid emotionally and then they lure them into sharing this information. Later, they use that information to track them and harass them. This can hurt the kids later when they don’t know what to do.


If you are not guiding your kids about the right way of signing up and adding their information on Facebook, they might end up giving too much information. Most of the kids add a lot of private information on Facebook without knowing that it is dangerous for them since everyone can see it.

Issues like these can turn out to be very dangerous if there is no one else to guide them. Parents have this huge responsibility of guiding their kids when they start using Facebook and other platforms.

Monitoring with Facebook Hack Tool

You might have understood by now that monitoring Facebook is very crucial for the safety of your kids. However, you don’t have to use a Facebook hack tool to do that. There are several hack tool that offers limited features. But, you can do better with a parental control app like SecureTeen.

SecureTeen offers you a lot more features to monitor not just Facebook but other social media platforms as well along with monitoring call logs and messages. You can do a lot under one roof and protect your kids from the dangers that might attack them.

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