Should Parents Use Facebook Hack Tool for Their Kids' Protection?

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Today, it is the era of digital lives. Researchers even refer to today’s generation as ‘digital natives’ because they are constantly connected to the internet, especially social media. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is among the top list to kids nowadays because of its popularity and features. Kids can do plenty of things just by signing up on this platform. Being entertained, connecting with new people, posting photos and videos, sharing about their daily lives and emotions, and a lot more is offered by Facebook.

Where kids might find it interesting to do all these things, they often don’t understand the possibility of Facebook being a danger. Their entertainment makes them blind and if they continue using it blindly, soon Facebook becomes a regret for them. There is nothing wrong with being connected to social media, but everything has a good and bad side. Many latest studies have shown the psychological effects of being connected continuously to Facebook. With such discoveries, parents are concerned if they should be using Facebook hack tools to keep an eye on their kids.

Facebook Is Both Good and Bad

A social media researcher at California University, Larry Rosen, says that there are both pros and cons regarding the use of social media especially Facebook. Whereat one place they learn to socialize and express themselves especially when they are shy in real lives, at the same time, they can show narcissist tendencies. Kids using Facebook usually fall under the impression that they have to be perfect as the rest of the world. They look at the filtered and all glittered lives that people share there, and think about how they can be among them.

Moreover, there are times when they create connections and make friends over Facebook, usually the ones they look up to. Those people can make these kids do the things that are against their morality and ethics. But, to gather fame and be like them, kids do whatever they are told to do and often build negative relationships that harm them. There are many things on Facebook that can even harm the mental health of the kids if they are not taught the right use. Using technological tools such as the Facebook hack tool is one way of controlling such things but teaching them about the technologies is another. Parents now need to learn ways to talk to their kids about social media.

The Good Side

Larry Rosen did a study on more than 1000 adolescents to study both the good and bad aspects of social networking. The survey included internet and social media use, the use of computers, the use of smart devices, and phone services like messaging and calling, along with the mental health of kids.

He found that among all the negative hypes, there is something good about using Facebook and other social media networking sites. He found that Facebook has given the teens a platform to connect, build confidence, and change in good ways. Moreover, it is a life-saver for shy kids who are unable to express themselves and feel worthless in real social connections.

Facebook is promoting healthy relationships and inducing high self-esteem among teens. It is also teaching empathy to the kids where they learn to understand other people’s feelings. They can then practice this empathy that they learned there in their real lives thus becoming a better person. Such good things are improving the habits and quality of life for your kids but only if they are used the right way.

The Bad Side

Where there is positivity, negativity follows. It has been discovered that the use of Facebook can lead to various mental issues in teens such as Facebook depression, narcissism, a lack of empathy, elevated aggression, addiction, and other mental health issues that can lead to mental disorders like schizophrenia.

Teens who showed multiple issues related to their mental health are the ones who use Facebook more than others. Especially Facebook addiction is something that is causing too much trouble even in the normal lives of teens. They tend to stick to their phones all day long, chatting, posting photos and videos, stalking strangers, and whatnot. This has drastic effects on their mental health along with regular activities. Kids using too much Facebook have been showing bad results in their academics and learning skills.

When kids take ‘tech breaks’ every two minutes to check their phones if they have nay notifications or received any message, they are distracting themselves from whatever they are doing. From daily activities to meet with someone, nothing grabs their attention with that smartphone in their pockets. This is indeed a situation where parents need to be worried.

Although Facebook comes with good aspects as well, if the kids keep on using it the way they are using, the good aspects will hide thus showing off the negative things they have learned. It is very easy for the kids to learn those things because they think it is all the part of the entertainment.

Should Parents Be Using Facebook Hack Tools?

The real question lies in using the Facebook hack tool for the protection of your kids. Most parents are very much concerned about their kids being exposed to dangers and threats when using social media. It is true to some extent that kids can’t see the danger coming like their parents. So, monitoring them might be a good option. SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that lets you see what they are doing on Facebook and how safe they are. It also gives you the ability to intervene when it is necessary to protect your child.

However, it is highly recommended to talk to your teens before they get your hands on social media. Talk to them about its pros and cons, and how they can use it smartly. You must build a good relationship with them to make sure they trust you and come to you whenever something bad happens. They must know that everything you are doing, it is for their own benefit.