How to Hack Secret Conversations on Facebook For Parents?

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Are you concerned about the safety of your kids and teens especially when they are using the internet and social media? Well, you are not the only one. The moment kids start using mobile phones and the internet, they are exposed to a variety of dangers and threats that they don’t know anything about. Being adults, parents realize how much danger this social media can pose to their kids. Especially since the use of Facebook has gotten over our youth’s nerves, there isn’t much that we can do to make them not use it. However, what can be done is the monitoring and checking which leads to smart parenting. 

Even parents of this era are not sure if they should be doing Facebook monitoring. And, some want to know how to hack secret conversations on Facebook. This conflict arises from several reasons like some think that their kids are wise enough that they can handle their social media on their own and that they will learn over time. Whereas some are scared that even though kids learn eventually, but they might make some grave mistakes on the way which can lead to horrible consequences. There have been several cases of suicidal attempts by the kids being reported recently because of the stress they face on social media. 

Even kids, whose parents have left them alone with their social media journey, this is too hard. They feel like they can’t even talk to their parents and they are responsible for their situation. They become so hard on themselves that eventually, they end up choosing the dangerous paths. Here are some facts about cyberbullying and teens over social media that show how serious the situation has become. No one should be allowed to go through the stress alone, that’s why parents must keep an eye on their kids to know when they are in trouble. They should be there to help them as the problem arises. 

Why Do Parents Need to Monitor Facebook?

This is what roams around the minds of parents when they are asked to monitor their kids for their safety. Some don’t even see a sound reason for this neither do they think this is necessary. But, let’s be honest here, social media is no more just glamour and entertainment. It is a lot more than that. It welcomes the kids to the world where they seem to enjoy and indulge more than they should. Sometimes, they get themselves in trouble as well which can lead to more issues. Here are some of the common reasons that would make you feel that you need to monitor their conversations as well:

  • Cyberbullying is the most common threat and if you see, you will notice that most of it happens in the inbox section. Their friends and other people tend to irritate them, call them names, and share several inappropriate things in the conversations. Some even threaten to share those messages in public after showing them in the inbox. Such kind of threats can be nullified if the bullies are caught in time. Kids might not know what to to do with them, but you would. 
  • Fake online relationships grow up in Facebook Messenger. It just doesn’t stop at chatting, if you would monitor, you will see that your kid is soon sharing inappropriate stuff in the inbox to impress the other person. Such stuff can be of sexual nature which can be used against your child in the future. People often get very serious over these relationships especially on Facebook that they don’t think about what could happen in the future. But, the other person might be ready to humiliate your kid when the time is right with the stuff that your kid shared. 
  • Online predators are another threat that reaches out to the inbox of teens showing them the sympathy that they never got in real life. Soon, they start extracting information from your kid about personal things. Cases have been reported that these people can even get the kids to share their home address and credit card information as well. 

This is all happening on Facebook Messenger and your kid won’t even tell you about it. They are either enjoying too much or they are scared that you would not accept it when you find out. Either way, if you want to know how to hack secret conversations on Facebook, it is your right to know that. With such dangers and threats hovering around their heads, kids should never be left alone. You should be worried when they can’t leave their mobile phones even when they are having dinner or about to sleep. 

How to Ensure Teens’ Safety?

You must be confused about what would be the right measures to tackle this situation in the right way. Here are some of the ways:

  • You must develop a relationship where they understand that you are not being authoritative, instead you just want to help them and make them grow in a better way. Show them that you are their friends and that you know how to respect their boundaries and keep them safe. 
  • Using a parental control app is a great idea to make sure your teens are okay. Parental control apps like SecureTeen make sure that you know where your kids are, who they are talking to, how are they doing on social media, and what threats they might be facing. You can even manage their screen time through this app. So, why not do smart parenting while you can? 
  • Keep an open communication policy at home where they can talk to you about anything any time without being scared of your judgmental attitude and non-acceptance. 

Using these tips and tricks can help you track your kids and ensure their internet safety at the same time. Just don’t try to rule them. Be with them when they need you and offer them freedom when they need it. Happy parenting!