Is Facebook Spying Correct for The Safety of Teens?

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Social media has bought people closer and connected all sides of the world. There is no doubt that social media is a complete package of entertainment and information when it comes to people of every age. From adults to kids, everyone seems to be enjoying the perks of social media especially Facebook because it surely offers a lot to the people of every age. But what bothers the adults the most is that it might not be that much safe for the kids.

Being adults, parents know how to use Facebook safely and how to stay away from the dangers that might come in the way of their privacy and other rights. But the question is if kids know this much or not? Kids are excited to use Facebook these days; the moment you give them the mobile phones, they jump right into everything they can without knowing that there might be some side-effects as well. That’s where the concept of Facebook Hack or Facebook spying comes into the minds of parents to make sure their kids are safe.

Should Parents Pursue Facebook Spying or Not?

It is a debate that has been on the edge with the parents and tech experts along with the kids. In one place, kids don’t like to be spied or monitored because they think that their privacy rights will be distorted, but little do they know that their privacy rights are already being violated because of the way they are using it. Many experts and parents also support this opinion that kids should be left alone and not be disturbed by adults when they are experiencing the new world.

Here are a bunch of opinions about why parents and adults shouldn’t monitor Facebook of their teens:

Where this debate makes sense, there is another group of experts and parents who believe that monitoring is necessary. Kids don’t know what they are doing and that if they are not guided enough, they might get themselves indulged in the trouble. There are no hidden dangers of Facebook that we are unaware of. Statistics, studies and a lot of researches have proven that Facebook can put kids in grave danger. Here is a glimpse of what Facebook can do to the kids:

  • Cyberbullying is one of the most common threats of Facebook because it provides the bullies the platform where they can do whatever they want to humiliate anyone. Your kid can be one of the bullies or the victims if you don’t pay proper attention at the right time. It takes no time to turn in to both because of the teen issues they are facing right now.
  • Privacy issues are the results of unguided use of Facebook when parents don’t teach their kids about when and how to share information and when to stop. Kids usually enter all sorts of information on their Facebook accounts that are not necessary at all. This information can be used by strangers and predators to extract more information about the kids thus blackmailing them or doing other things.
  • Fake online relationships are no secret to us now. Even adults find themselves indulged in these relationships because they offer such fantasized upfront that soon they get in this trap. What can we expect of the kids then? They are lonely, desperate, and in need of attention. So, they take no time in developing these relationships and soon they get nothing out of it but depression. It becomes worse when they share inappropriate stuff with their partners to keep the relationship alive.

How Should Parents’ Guide Their Kids?

Parents are still confused about whether they should take this matter seriously or not. They think if they monitor their kids, it might be a disaster for their kids. But if they don’t, it might put their kids in danger. So, they might need a midway to sort these things out. Kids can’t be left alone to deal with everything that comes across them because they are still kids no matter how many adults they behave. So, it is wise for the parents to do somethings to ensure their safety. Such as:

  • There must be some family rules about when they should use Facebook or social media and when they shouldn’t. During dinner time, family time, bedtime, and other crucial times when they need proper attention, they must not be allowed to use their mobile phones.
  • They must be encouraged to take part in outdoor activities as much as they can. Most kids lose their interest in these activities and start dodging their friends when it is about meeting them outside because they are happy in their online world. Parents must not allow their kids to leave all the activities and stick to their phones. This is unhealthy and dangerous for the health of their kids. They must take part in their usual activities as they used to do.
  • Parents must have an open communication policy at home. What most parents lack is the ability to listen to their kids without judging them. They usually judge them, criticize them, before giving them any guidelines. This is where they drift their kids away. Kids won’t come to you if they know that you will criticize them.
  • Lastly, there is no harm in monitoring them where there is a need to. Facebook spying is not about suffocating them but to keep an eye on them to make sure they are doing alright. You can use any parental control app to monitor them and keep an eye on them. Out of all the parental control apps out there, SecureTeen is one of the best apps that offer a lot of features including call and messages logging, social media and Facebook monitoring, and managing screen time. With the help of these features, you can make sure that your kids are in safe hands and are not in any danger.

Use these tips and ensure the safety of your kids right now. You must not leave them as they are just because they think they are adults now.