Why Do You Need to Be a Facebook Spy to Protect Your Kids?

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If you have kids and teens, you must know what they do first in the morning and last before bedtime. Well, most of them check their mobile phones. They don’t take care if they have taken the bath yet, have their breakfast, but they do care if they have got any notifications. For this, they check their mobile phones all the time, anywhere they are, for multiple purposes. Among all the social networking websites, Facebook has taken a leading space where all the people around the world are right now logging in to see their notifications. It has become more like a ritual than a habit.

What do you think about it? Well, the thought of being a Facebook spy for the sake of your kids might seem overrated, but once you realize how many threats Facebook is posing on the kids, you might never leave them alone with it. It is not just about entertainment and fun, it is about the addiction and the passion that becomes connected to the use of Facebook. The more your kid's post on Facebook, the more approval they require, and the more they get addicted to those approvals. It doesn’t end here, Facebook dangers are beyond our understandings and we only get to know about them when our kids are fully indulged in those dangers.

Some Statistics About Facebook Dangers

According to recent research, almost 700,000 users join Facebook every day and most of them are kids. According to the same study, it was revealed that these teens and kids rarely care about their privacy settings on Facebook, let alone care about the dangers. Here are some more statistics:

  • 46% of kids and teens tend to accept friend requests from unknown people just for the sake of entertainment and fun.
  • 89% of them disclose their birthdays to the public.
  • About 100% of them have their email address posted on their accounts.
  • Almost 20-40% of them share personal information about family and friends on Facebook.

Facebook can be seen as a threat to online security too. Everything that teens are posting on Facebook is not secure and safe instead it can be retrieved at any time of their life just to be used against them. There are a lot of other things that make Facebook dangerous.

Facebook Dangers for Teens

From several issues that can become a problem for your kids in the future, here are some of the top dangers that are playing the part in ruining our kid’s life:

  • According to a recent study, almost every administration in the college admission checks up their applicants’ Facebook pages and social media. Almost every 3rd applicant’s social media account seems to be disturbing with the type of posts they have uploaded which gives an overall bad image to the college administrations. This affects their career.
  • Cyberbullying is something that has become the major cause of teens’ suicidal rates and other self-harming acts. Facebook has opened the ways of cyberbullying for the bullies in several forms. They can now post inappropriate stuff and embarrassing things about the victim in public. It can also include name-calling. Since Facebook is a bigger platform, kids often get too must humiliate when they see their personal information being shared or exposed online to the bigger public. Most of the kids don’t seem to make their peace with that and they choose harmful ways to deal with it.
  • Addiction is another issue that has been raised by experts lately. They have observed that social media addiction is just like any other substance abuse disorder and it makes the teens lose their interest in everything else. Moreover, their minds get stuck in social media and they hardly can do anything else including their studies. This can affect their mental and physical health at greater levels.
  • Online predators are all over Facebook looking for innocent kids and teens to trap them. They make a good appearance at first, show them love and sympathy, and then allure them into sharing the personal information that shouldn’t be shared like credit card information and home address. They know their ways around these innocent shy kids who are there on Facebook for the sake of attention and love.

The dangers don’t stop here, there are a lot of things that parents reveal later when a lot has been damaged. There are things that kids don’t even tell their parents and they find out later when a lot has been done.

Do You Need to Be a Facebook Spy to Protect Your Teens?

Being a Facebook spy doesn’t mean that you have to be there all the time on their heads to deal with their issues. It is just a notion that you must keep a check on them to see if they are on the right path. Depriving them of their social media and Facebook accounts is not at all the solution for safety. They won’t ever let go of their entertainment just because you are asking them to. Instead, they might do the same things but hide from you the next time.

So, instead of ordering them and trying to rule them, keep them close to you and have them believe that you care for them. You don’t have to be authoritative on them, just be there for them. For the sake of checking up on them, you can opt for the parental control apps out there that are found to be very helpful in this regard.

SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that you can use to monitor your kids and keep a keen eye on them. You can see what they are posting, to whom are they chatting with, and what they are doing there. Moreover, you can also manage their screen time using this app. With the multiple features and the right parenting approach, you can protect your kids from the dangers of Facebook.