Facebook Friend Request Hack Does It Work?

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What do your kids do first thing in the morning? Before taking a shower, having breakfast, or greeting the family members, the first thing they do is check their mobile phones while they are on the bed. Mostly, they are using social media to check new messages, comments, and stuff. Sometimes, they would even check their phones in the middle of the night to see if they have received any notifications. This addiction doesn’t seem normal and parents should be worried about it.

Facebook is among the most used social media platform among teens and kids. The more they are indulged in it, the more risks they can face. The reason for these risks is that they are kids and don’t know how to handle the platform. They might find it entertaining and interesting, but they don’t see the dangers that are coming towards them. For this, parents are constantly worried. They are monitoring their kids and some are also getting involved in Facebook friend request hack to see what their kids are doing.

Statistics of Facebook Danger

According to the latest research, almost 700,000 people join Facebook every day. But, we are not sure if all these accounts are being monitored to rule out the dangerous and fake ones. Here are some of the facts about Facebook:

  • 46% of Facebook users accept a friend request from unknown people.
  • 89% of people on Facebook have disclosed their birthdates and further details.
  • 30-40% of teens enlist details about their family and friends.
  • 100% of the users post their email address
  • 24% of Facebook users post videos about themselves.
  • 20% of users share their phone numbers.

With these facts, it is visible that Facebook is a threat to the online security of the kids. They don’t know how much information they should post and how to take care of their privacy and it results in dangers.

Dangers of Facebook for Teens

Here are some of the threats and dangers that your teen can encounter while using Facebook:

·Privacy Issues

If they are not taught well from the very start, they often end up sharing extra information about their personal life on Facebook thinking of it as a safe platform. They post their emotions, their daily life, their images, videos, and a lot of stuff that make them vulnerable. The stuff they share remains there and can be used by others to tease or humiliate them in later life. Nowadays, images and videos are being photoshopped for different purposes.


Facebook is one of the most used platforms for bullying. Since it has a lot of public, it is much easier to humiliate someone thereby using tactics. Some use inappropriate posts, videos, and images to make fun of the victim. This doesn’t stop here. Kids are seen switching off their mobile phones and isolating themselves due to the comments they receive on those humiliating posts. Such issues can lead to mental health issues in teens. They often fall into depression and worse, many of them have tried committing suicide.

·Online Predators

What could be the perfect place for predators to find innocent kids than Facebook? Facebook is the place where they would find vulnerable kids, tired from home, ready to share their information, and want to be loved. It is not so difficult to find such kids. Kids who are unable to cope with real-life often end up being too vulnerable on Facebook. These online predators come to them as angels and show them that they are loved, and they understand them. Once the kids start confiding in them, they ask the kids to share their personal information which sometimes includes home address and credit card information. They use this information for their benefit then.

·Losing the Ability to Communicate face-to-face

Do your kids talk better to you on chat than in real situations? Well, kids develop this habit of talking to each other over chat or through social media. If they are shy in real life, they become more silent after getting involved in social media. They talk confidently over there and they prefer to have their communications there.

They feel more confident behind their device’s screens than in face-to-face communications. This can lead them to lose their ability to talk confidently in real life since they develop the habit of communicating through social media only.



·Facebook Addiction

Facebook addiction is something very serious. Experts say that it is almost equal to any other addiction. Kids are even seen being unable to have one decent meal without looking at their mobile phones. This addiction can cause them to lose their academic profiles, interest in daily activities, and much more. They are often seen ignoring their friends who want to hang out because they feel safer at home with their mobile phones. This can lead to very serious issues if not resolved at the right time.

Using Facebook Friend Request Hack or Monitoring?

You must have known by now that how important it is to monitor your kids’ Facebook. To keep an eye on kids’ Facebook, you will find several products in the market. Among those apps, you will also find Facebook friend request hack tools that are meant for you to see who are they, friends, and what type of people are sending them requests. However, you need to know much more than that.

You must use a parental control app like SecureTeen to make sure you keep an eye on their activities and everything. SecureTeen offers you plenty of features to take care of your kids and keep them protected along with managing their screen time. You can see what they are posting about and to whom are they talking, etc. These are the things that you must know to make sure your kids are safe on the internet.