Top 10 movies to watch on Independence Day

Here comes the Fourth of July! A reminder of the day when our forefathers gave us the gift of independence. Surely, you wouldn’t need to think twice about how to celebrate the Fourth of July. Traditionally, this day is all about barbecues, picnics, family get together, parades, fireworks and movies! Take a dip into a swimming pool to cool off some July heat, get some popcorn and watch the following movies to get your patriotic blood flowing. Family times will take on a new meaning if you've for the right movies to watch on the 4th of July! 


An epic drama created by Steven Spielberg about the last four months that President Lincoln lived, with Daniel Day-Lewis as the protagonist. The movie captured the political struggle of the former President when he tried to abolish slavery in the country. With the first African-American President in the White House, the movie will definitely give you some personal patriotic moments.

The Patriot

How can anyone miss out on The Patriot – the movie based on the Revolutionary War. Mel Gibson stars as a war hero, who leads an army in the war against the British. You may find the woman’s speech in the church quite inspirational, which ignited the patriotic flame in the hearts of men.

Independence Day

The threat of aliens has haunted Hollywood for quite some time, which has given us some splendid movies. One such movie that stands out is the star studded Indepedence Day, with Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum. The highlight of the movie is Pullman’s speech to unite the troops and American people asking them to fight against the aliens.

Saving Private Ryan

World War II has a very important role in America’s history. The country emerged as a super power from this war and never looked back. The lead star in this movie, Tom Hanks, sets off to find Private James Ryan, whose three brothers have been killed in the war. The movie is all about the bravery of the US soldiers in the WWII, which reminds us of our soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, fighting for our freedom.

Red Dawn

Anti-communism was at its peak during the 1980s and Hollywood movies were no exception. This threat to our culture and everything that we hold dear is translated beautifully in Red Dawn. In fear of invasion from Soviet Union, Cuba and Nicaragua; a group of teenagers – Patrick Swayze, Lee Thompson and Charlie Sheen – try to escape from what is depicted in the movie as World War III.

Rocky IV

When it comes to Russia, the patriotic sentiments of Americans always get heightened. Rocky Balboa represents the spirit of American people when faced with challenges. Against the Russian Ivan Drago, Rocky never gives up and bounces back to face challenges and fight with the enemy till he breaks down. Sylvester Stallone was at his best in the movie, when his spirit and courage turns the crowd against Drago.

Apollo 13

Science and technology is one thing that defines America. Particularly, endeavors that the nation has taken in space. The adventures of NASA in the seventh flight to space on the Apollo 13 have been magnificently captured in this movie. The highlight of the movie is the iconic line, “Houston, we have a problem” delivered by Tom Hanks when things start to go down.


Sports are an important part of the American culture. Like patriotism, the spirit of fight and loyalty within the country makes the game even more intense and exciting. And this excitement and intensity was magnified to a hundredth when US National Hockey team defeated the invincible Russian team under the leadership of Herb Brooks (played by Kurt Russell in the movie). Even you would stand up with excitement to the chants of ‘U! S! A!’ that filled the stadium in the movie.

Top Gun

What could be more American than Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer wearing suits from the American air force and conquering the skies in U.S fighter jets. The courage to push boundaries and fight back with zeal is personified as the America’s spirit in the movie.


The heavy starrer movie, Armageddon is all about sacrifice your life for your cause and homeland. In order to save earth from devastation of asteroids, NASA sends an expedition to space, only to find the stakes are too high.

These are just some of the movies that have made a real mark in our hearts. Gather up your family and have a great time this 4th of July! 

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