The joke's on you: Harmless April Fool's Day pranks for kids

Everyone enjoys a good harmless prank once in a while. Who doesn’t want a good laugh at someone else’s expense? We would assume that sometimes everyone wants a good laugh when the joke is not on them. Now that the month of April is upon us, it’s time to pull up your guard against pranksters of varied tastes. Since the pranksters, jokers and class clowns would be looking to have a blast on April Fool’s Day, following is a list of good April Fool’s Day pranks for your kids that are physically safe and classically funny.

Woopie Cushion rocks

This hilariously lethal weapon is easy to buy and use. Kids can take it to school and put them on the chairs of a few classmates. Wait for the targets to sit on their seats, hold out an ear for the familiar sound that the cushion makes, and laugh your head off. If you have any queries about the effectiveness of the cushion, feel free to contact Pumba from ‘The Lion King’. He always has valuable information about the most unconventional topics out there.

Salt and pepper 

If your house has little holders for salt and pepper then this practical joke might prove to be great fun for the entire family. Take care that no adult is in a grumpy mood when the joke day arrives. Anyways, fill the salt holder with sugar and watch your family members satiate their cravings for something sweet. The sugar trick will work without harming anyone around. Not unless there are diabetics living at your humble abode.

Watch out for the watch 

Grab as many alarm clocks as you can and set them to ring very early in the morning. Next, hide all the clocks at strategic locations around the victim’s room and watch them jump for the ceiling once the bells start ringing.

Monster under the bed 

Kids can get even with their parents on April Fool’s Day for telling them their entire life that there were monsters under their bed. Kids can plan out a good time to hide under their parents’ bed and wait for the right time to grab one of them from their legs. If you haven’t heard an adult squeak and shriek, this might be a lucky day for you to indulge in some aural pleasures. Yikes!

Signals blocked 

If either of your parent refuses to let go of the TV remote so you can watch your favorite TV show, you can get even with mom/dad in a respectful way. How? Just block the remote control signal with an opaque piece of tape and behold the sight of a struggling adult trying to figure out what went wrong with the device.

Frozen at the core 

There is always that someone in everyone’s life who usually wakes up half asleep in the morning. That means that these people stumble up on chairs, desks, or even the toilet seat. The point is that they cannot really see what’s around them until their eyes finally open after a while. To get even with this kind of a resident, spread ice cubes on the toilet seat and salt them a bit so that they don’t melt. Then wait for the unsuspecting king to sit on his/her frozen throne.

There you have it, kids. These harmless pranks for April Fool’s Day might do it for you this year. Good luck trying not to get beaten up though.

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