Teaching teens twenty-first century values

Gone are the days when propriety and chivalry were values highly regarded in a lady and gentleman respectively. Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” may be a great read for classics lovers, but the values of those times cannot be applied to young people in modern society. Modern day values for teenagers have to be re-written according to the changing trends. For the very reason parents would have to revisit their parenting techniques to keep abreast with the modern times. The changing values in modern society are aplenty. 

No more knight in shining armor

Although chivalry has helped society transform from barbaric to medieval values; but it does not hold the same meaning for teenagers in modern times. Statistics show that 92% women wouldn’t want a man to vacate a seat for them; while 89% would refuse to be helped with heavy bags and 78% would reject the offer of coat on a cold day. While you're teaching your teen to be a gentleman he could be snubbed for being a sexist. 

Therefore, parents need to teach a lesson or two in modern values to their teenage boys before they let them out in society. Parents should remind their boys that it’s not their gallantry or show of strength that would win hearts over. In fact, you would have to teach your teen to respect girls and treat them as they would like to be treated – equally. They need to be explained that modern day chivalry has changed its face from “protecting damsel in distress” to “respecting the ability and space” of women. Remember, your teen would grow into a modern day gentleman one day; and this can only be possible when such modern values are taught to him during his teenage years; when he is under your roof.

Ladies first? Not anymore!

Long gone are the days when a misunderstood and scandalous Scarlett O’Hara would need a man to run her business. The Scarlett of the twenty-first century does not have to be apologetic for her professional and social success; and this is the very lesson that parents have to teach their teenage girls. Propriety is an outdated phenomenon that cannot be applied in a society where women are working equal hours to men, flying fighter planes, making scientific discoveries and mentoring new generations. Parents would have to prepare their teenage daughters for a competitive society that might not judge her on being “un-lady like”, but would definitely challenge her abilities. It is up to her how she proves her mettle by utilizing every opportunity provided to her – or not. 


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