Some Great Ways to Enjoy the Christmas Magic with Your Teen

Christmas is almost here, and already there is quite a bit of buzz in homes and streets as plans are being made and shopping lists are being ticked. You too may have your hands full and mind completely occupied as you race against time to make sure everything is done and dusted before the eve of the magical day. However, you may be forgetting something one very important thing while busy with the preparations, sharing the joy and excitement with your teens. How about making this year’s Christmas a little extra special? Take the festivity to an entirely new level this year by doing these Christmas activities with teens, helping them experience the true spirit of this wonderful traditional.

1. Decorate Christmas Tree

Christmas celebrations remain incomplete without a well-decorated Christmas tree, but decorating a tree can become a bit boring if you are doing it on your own. Add fun to this activity by involving your kids in it. Turn it into a game by challenging kids to decorate it more beautifully than you do. You may also work with the kids to craft handmade ornaments for decorating the tree. This will develop their interest in it. Why don’t you team up with your kids to decorate your whole house? This will not only help you to spend quality time with them, but will also increase your bonding with them.

2. Prepare Christmas Dinner

Another special part of Christmas celebrations is the grand dinner most of the families arrange on Christmas night. It is the ideal opportunity for the older generation to spend time with the younger one. What if you follow this holiday tradition a little differently this year? The idea is to let kids take part in dinner preparations. Encourage them to do little things they can easily manage, like baking Christmas cookies, cooking stuffed potatoes, decorating the dinner table, making a special pudding, etc. You may create two teams and divide duties among them.

3. Celebrate Christmas Movie Night

Spend an afternoon, evening, or a night watching your hot favorite Christmas movies together. It is one of the best ways to spend a memorable time with your family. There are a larger number of Christmas-based movies you can watch with your family or simply watch the one your teen loves the most.

4. Design Handmade Christmas Cards

The whole idea behind designing handmade Christmas cards is to enhance the creativity of teens without making them feel bored. You just need colorful paints, markers, charts, glace paper, ribbons, beads, and other related stuff to design handmade cards. Remember that your role should only be that of a helper. Let the kids use their own creativity skills to come up with interesting ideas. They may design handmade cards for their friends, neighbors, elder members of the family, etc.

5. Watch Christmas Light Displays

Christmas is not just about spending time at home. Take out your car and drive your kid through the city. Play Christmas tunes and enjoy the light displays on houses, offices, and other buildings. The beautiful decorations and air filled with the magical Christmas spirit is something you should definitely go and witness with your family.

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