How Parents Can Help Their Teen Obsessed with Celebrities

Teens and their never-ending obsession with celebrities is quite common and is a natural part of growing up. They follow them everywhere – social media, their personal websites, etc. Teens become emotionally invested in their professional as well as personal lives. However, in some cases, their obsession with celebrities can get out of hand and go beyond the standard teenage behavior, causing troubles to them and their parents. Teens assume they need to look up to their favorite celebrities and try their level best to emulate them because they admire them so much.

Since teens are vulnerable, they usually end up getting impressed with the attics of their favorite pop icons. The kind of influence celebrities have on teens in today’s age is immeasurable. Whatever celebrities do – good or bad – teens tend to do the same. Most of the times we come across teens who get involved in drugs, sexual activities, use weapons, or adopt other bad habits just because their favorite celebrity did the same.

As parents, it is our responsibility to look out for our teens and make sure our teen is idolizing the right person. We should know when and how we can help our obsessed teen in order to stop him or bring him back to his normal state.

Here’s what we can do to help our teens obsessed with celebrities.

Understand the Level of Obsession

In order to help your teen, you need to understand the level of obsession your teen is having with the celebrity. Celebrities these days are marketed in a way to create a frenzy among their fans and become a sort of idol for them to worship. Sometimes they can inspire teens to become better than they are and other times they can leave a negative influence on them. If your teen is adopting all the wrong habits of his/her favorite celebrity, then you need to stop them right away.

Know When to Help Your Teen

It’s important to realize when your teen’s obsession with their celebrities starts getting out of hands. As a parent, you should recognize when harmless obsession slowly slips into something wore upsetting. Sometimes the Celebrity Worship Syndrome can become severe and your teen’s life becomes highly influenced by whatever happens to a celebrity. They even adopt their bad habits and start falling into the state of depression. If you come across these warning signs, you need to make your teen understand that their behavior is irrational.  

Make Sure Your Teen Remembers Own Identity

While idolizing celebrities, often teen forget themselves. They forget their own identities. They leave their preferences behind and blindly follow whatever their favorite celebrities likes or dislikes. They start believing that their lives are personally intertwined with that of a celebrity. This sort of attitude may lead them to depression, anxiety, or even stress. Because of these factors, it has been noted that those teens have a strained relationship with their parents and siblings. They start picking fights when someone speaks against their celebrity and believe it’s their right to defend them in whatsoever way. It’s important to make your teen realize his own worth and importance.

Be More Involved in Your Teen’s Life

Surely, there are many ways to help your teen obsessed with celebrities. You should become more involved in their lives and push them to participate in new activities apart from crushing over their favorite celebs. Teens should learn to acknowledge their other strengths and spend more time to improve their skills. You can also ask your teen to help you with the house chores so that his/her mind diverts from the obsession.

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