4th of July: A Fun Family Celebration

The coming of 4th of July means summer too has arrived and opened the doors to an unlimited array of fun activities for everyone. 4th of July is that glorious day when America revealed its declaration of independence to the world and developed into the land of opportunity that it is today, undoubtedly a day to celebrate for any patriotic American. While most people wait for 4th of July for the BBQ parties and picnics, colorful parades and magnificent fireworks, why don’t you make a few 4th of July family traditions of your own?

There are so many things you can do with your family on 4th of July each year to make this occasion an extra special celebration of family and country.  Here are a few 4th of July family activities you can adopt as wonderful family traditions reflecting love of country as much as family.

Retrace Your Steps

4th of July is the perfect time to talk to your children about the history of this nation. You might find this hard to believe, but lots of kids as well as adults don’t know as much about American history. Start off by telling them that 2nd of July is the original day of independence, while 4th of July was when the Declaration of Independence was presented. Discuss and explain the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and then encourage your children to write their own declarations and have everyone sign it.

Hold a Family and Neighborhood Potluck BBQ

Summer is about BBQ’s and picnics, so invite family and friends to kick off your 4th of July celebrations with a potluck party. Gather everyone in a true sprit of a strong nation and spread the joy. A festive environment will just add to the mood of the day. Don’t forget to invite any veterans living in your area as guest of honors to this party.

Make Your Own Decorations for the Event

Another great way of getting the entire family involved is to ask them to make hand made decorations for the 4th of July party. The internet if full of sites which offer ideas and tutorials regarding 4th of July handicrafts.

Have a Red, White and Blue Water Fight

Its summer! So what’s stopping you from getting wet? Fill up a tub full of red, blue and white balloons with water and start a water fight in the back yard. This is a great way to cool off in the summer and let the kids have fun getting wet under the sun.

 Create Festive Deserts

Create a few signature dishes for the 4th of July and make them an annual tradition. Create desserts with the red, white and blue food colors, or simply make a classic American dish.

End it With a Bang!

Its not 4th of July till the sky lights up with fantastic fireworks. So fill the car up with kids and family and go watch the fireworks in which ever open space they are being held in your area. This is a great display of American power and what it stands for so show it, explain it and enjoy it with your kids as much as possible.

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