Why Healthy Competition is Considered Valuable for Your Teens?

Some parents might hesitate when they stumble upon the word ‘competition’ and they also take it in a negative way. According to some parents, competition puts their teens under a lot of pressure, causing unnecessary stress on them and leaving them to feel disappointed if they underperform. To protect their teens from becoming under pressure, many parents play safe moves – they either declare everyone a winner or avoid getting their teens in a competitive situation altogether.

Does keeping them away from competitive situations solve all the problems and allow them to be better human beings? Surely, that’s not the right way. When competition is done right, it actually helps teens learn skills that can benefit them in the long run. Even expert psychologists and various research studies have proved how valuable healthy competition can be for the teens. By taking part in competitive activities, they will develop important skills that can be used well later in life, for instance developing an understanding towards a certain issue or a problem and becoming persistent about their life goals.

Healthy competitions play a significant role in motivating teens to perform and excel in their academics as well as extracurricular activities, offering rewards much greater than just winning the prize. These competitions allow teens to gain an extensive experience, offering them an opportunity to exhibit their skills. They start believing in their instincts when they’re given a chance to participate in a competition. There is a multitude of reasons why a healthy competition is considered to be valuable for your teens. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Exhibit Skills

One of the benefits of letting teens participate in competitions is that it provides them a great platform to showcase their skills and talent that they’ve practiced over the years. When their skills are tested by the experienced panel of jury, they get an overview of where they actually stand. In case they win the competition, their skills are given a boost, thus raising their self-confidence. However, if they lose, they get to realize their mistakes and work harder on their skills for the next time. Therefore, competitions can prove to be a great source of self-realization and self-evaluation for teens and also help nurture their skills even further.

Gain Extensive Experience

Competitions provide a magnanimous exposure to the teens especially when they’re in their student life. Within a short span of time, they gain substantial experience in their field and learn to survive in the competitive environment. They go through a repeated series of brainstorming sessions, indulge in rapid problem-solving segments and also experience a diverse form of learning which they usually don’t get to learn in their schools otherwise. Competitions make them see the realistic outlook of the competitive environment existing in the real life.

Improve Resume

Experiences and achievements gained through competitions can leave a long-lasting impression on a teen’s resume. A teen’s participation in various competitions held throughout their academic life will cast a positive impression on the one peeking a glance at their resume and also distinguish them from their other class fellows. The mention of such achievements on their resumes will give them an advantage when they will apply for their higher education or try to get a summer job.

Increase Friends Circle

There is no denying the fact that teens love meeting new friends and hanging out with them. Competitions offer them a chance to get in touch with new people belonging to various ethnicities and geographic locations and befriend them. This will increase their friends' circle and allow them to have diverse conversations with others. 

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