How to Help Your Teens Discover and Follow their Passion

Everyone feels passionate about something, a true calling that excites them, drives them, and fills them up with unexplainable satisfaction. They want to pursue for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, by the time most teens discover it, it’s usually too late as they have already invested plenty of time and effort into something that was suggested to them by others. They can’t turn back the time and be at the start of their adolescent years again. They just have to live with whatever it is they are doing.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can help lend your teens a hand in discovering true passion. Knowing what they love at an early stage will enable them to pursue it as a career, hence raising their probability of living an exciting, satisfying, and prosperous. Of course, it is easier said than done as you can’t just look into your youngsters’ eyes and know what passion is lying dormant in their minds. What you can and rather should do is to help your teens find their passion and encourage them to follow it instead of paying heed to the naysayers.

Talk to Your Teen about Their Interests

Instead of telling your teens what career path they should take, you should ask them about the stuff they like to do the most. They will certainly tell you something that will give a hint about their passion. Their likes may include singing, playing games, dancing, sports, teaching, etc. Once you have an idea about their passion, proceed to the hard part.

Polish Your Teen’s True Passion

If they have a passion for something, then they will surely be willing to work for it. However, they can’t do it alone and they can’t do it in one day. They will need your time and help at almost every step of the way. You will need to polish their talent so that they can get better at it. For example, if they like singing, then you should find them a teacher for it. If they are into some sport, then send them to camp. If they like dancing, then get them a dance teacher. Hard work needs to be put in no matter what their passion is. The only thing that you have to do is support them. Be with them at every step of the way and don’t demotivate them. Point out their mistakes but don’t hurt their feelings. Teens tend to take things a bit too personally, so avoid scolding them at public places, or even better, stop scolding them at all. Instead, look for a method that will help them identify their mistakes and make them strive to become better.

What if Your Teen is Not Ready to Talk?

While most kids do have a very good idea about their likes and interests, there are many who are still in the process of discovering them. If your teen is not aware of what they truly love to do, or if they aren’t ready to discuss it with you, then there’s no need to rush them. Just leave them alone and tell them that whenever they figure out what they want to do, you are there to listen and support them all the way. They will soon start to think about their passion and will certainly discuss it with you once they discover it themselves.

Do Not Steer Your Teen in a Specific Direction

Let your kids do what they want to do – do not try to steer them in a direction that you think will help them make more money.  Your priority should be the happiness and satisfaction of your kids, not how much they earn. If they like doing something that doesn’t pay much, then let them do it. They will not be crazy rich but at least they will be doing what they love, which is way more important.

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