Negative Effects of Social Media How Dangerous It Is?

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Today’s technology has proven to be a blessing for human beings. At the same time, mobile phones and digital devices have become part of our daily lives. With adults, the teens have also become so much addicted to these devices that they can hardly imagine their lives without it. Among the other uses of the internet, social media is the trending one. Kids are so much fond of social media that they tend to spend most of their time spending time over there.

Sadly, our teenagers and adolescents have taken so much advantage of social media that if they are not monitored or restricted, it can have severe effects on their well-being. The negative effects of social media are unknowingly destroying our youth and making them suffer through ways they don’t see. That’s why the parents need to take a step and see what could be the possible negative effects of social media that are affecting their children, and how they can tackle those dangers.

The Negative Effects of Social Media

Social media is indeed a great social networking tool, but at the same time, its dangers cannot be ignored. Kids are more prone to these harms because of their immature use. If these negative impacts of social media are not recognized at the right moment, it can have a serious impact on their mental health. As it is proved that social media and the mental health of teens are strongly related.

Following are some of the dangers that can affect your kids:

· Anxiety

On social media, kids are more amused and excited about knowing what others are doing rather than focusing on their own lives. Usually, people portray their lives to be perfect and happy when they share it on social media.

Looking at these things, kids often become the victim of depression and anxiety thinking that they don’t have a perfect life and they aren’t worthy enough. That’s why experts prefer to use social media for half-hour a day to avoid such thoughts.

· Cyberbullying

This is one of the most common and dangerous effects of social media. Cyberbullying is a way of communicating false, inappropriate, and embarrassing information about someone to humiliate them on a public platform. This practice has become very common nowadays and it is causing serious issues in teens especially those who are victims.

In some cases, kids have even tried to commit suicide due to the humiliation they face on social media. Here are some of the serious effects of cyberbullying.

· Social Isolation

There is a statistical relationship between social isolation and the use of social media. When kids indulge themselves in the world of social media, they usually lose track of their real lives.

Sometimes, some events happening around them and they don’t get an invitation. Just looking at the pictures of the events can cause them to feel the FOMO—the fear of missing out. This can further lead to social isolation where they feel that they are not needed anywhere anymore.

· Poor Concentration

Social media is easily affecting the academics and other activities of kids. Usually, they lose concentration in the activities they used to do before. They lose their interest in outdoor games, homework, schoolwork, house chores, and many other activities that require concentration because their minds are all-time indulged in social media.

At the very least, they try to merge it all and use social media while doing other things which doesn’t help at all.

· Social Media Addiction

Uncontrolled and unmonitored use of social media can cause addiction in kids. The more they are using social media, the more they are exposed to new adventures that keep them attached to its use.

This eventually turns into an addiction that can affect all the aspects of their lives including their mental and physical health.

· Self-harming Content

Social media is an addictive place and kids can do anything to get attention there. There is this trend of doing self-harming activities and posting them on social media to get everyone’s attention.

When kids see other people doing such things, they waste no time and start copying it to get the same fame. This can lead to failed experiments and harmful consequences. But, kids see it as a sign of bravery and courage to show other people how powerful they are.

· Stalking

Social media is meant to connect people. Now kids are sharing everything from where they went to what they ate today. It makes it easier for a stalker to know where the kid is and what they are doing.

Some online predators are on social media for the sole purpose of stalking innocent kids and then using their information to tease them or to make them do things. This can become dangerous for the kids as it can lead these predators to home as well.

With these negative effects of social media, it is very difficult to leave a kid unguided with social media. They are new to this and they are innocent that’s why they need to be guided at every step.

How Can Parents Help Kids for Smart Use of Social Media?

Parents need to play an active and effective role in the correct use of social media for the kids. They need to make themselves available when required to make sure their kids can find them whenever they are in trouble. There should an open communication policy and a good environment at home where kids can feel comfortable while talking about their adventures of social media.

Moreover, the use of parental control apps can also make smart parenting possible. Through parental control apps like SecureTeen, you can monitor their activities and social media accounts, thus knowing where they went wrong and what dangers are coming their way. Parental control app can help you a lot in knowing and guiding your kid right. Also, if they have become secretive, you will always be one step ahead for their protection.