Do You Want to Monitor Social Media Free? Let's Know About It

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We all know what social media is, it is a platform where people can easily connect and share a lot of stuff. A long time ago, social media was restricted to the chatting and posting part only, but it has evolved. Now, there is much more on social media that attracts youngsters. Adults have already made their peace with social media as they know how to correctly use is within the safety limits. But, can we say the same for our kids and teens?

The most famous platforms on social media are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, YouTube, Viber, and Snapchat. There is a vast range of space for those as well who are game players. Now, kids can play games online with each other through various platforms while talking and chatting at the same time. Where this is a great luxury and facility for them, some dangers are associated with this fantasy world. That’s why parents want to learn about how to monitor social media free for their kids’ safety.

Using social media means doing a lot of things including:

  • Sharing links
  • Posting photos and videos
  • Chatting with each other
  • Creating online multiple profiles
  • Tagging content and photos
  • Creating and sharing games modifications
  • Changing the original content and sharing it.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Teens

Social media is not as bad as most of us say it is. It plays a vital role in enhancing a kid’s social abilities. It is used for fun, to creating and maintaining friendships, to share mutual interests, to express opinions, and explore many more things.

It also enables children to interact with global communities through shared interests. They learn how to develop networks, they get to know about what is going on around the world and how they can put their input in it. Social media gives them exposure which makes them mature. Also, they find people who have a mutual interest as they like in hobbies, games, social life, music, etc.

The ways through which social media benefits your teens are as follows:

  • It helps them develop digital media literacy. They can explore and experiment on social media thus building up their knowledge and enjoying online activities.
  • They can pursue collaborative learning where they share education content easily while sitting at home.
  • It enhances their creativity by allowing them to make their profiles. Be creative with their photos and videos, and much more.
  • It is said to improve their mental health and well-being as they get to connect with people not caring much about their judgmental views and stuff. Kids are often seen as more natural and themselves online than in real life.

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Risks Associated with The Use of Social Media

Social media can also pose some serious risks to your teens. Although it is being said that it can benefit them in plenty of surprising ways, but at the same time, they are kids. They might not know how to restrict their use of social media for benefit only. Excess of everything is bad, and so the way they can use social media depicts a lot about how it will impact them. Here are some of the worst dangers that are associated with the use of social media especially for teens:

  • They can be exposed to the content that is inappropriate for them. Violence, aggression, pornography, and another sort of contents are readily available on social media. It is just a matter of time before your kid clicks the link and enters the filthy world.
  • They get so excited about the use of social media that soon they start sharing the pictures that are inappropriate for public use. They see others sharing every aspect of their life, they start doing that too without thinking that it might bring them embarrassment later in life.
  • They are kids and if they are not guided right, they can do whatever they wish to do. There are people on social media who target such kids to get them to share their personal information with them. Kids are an easy target because when they play nice and easy, kids easily share everything.
  • Cyberbullying is one of the most common practices over social media. Teens often take their school fights over social media, sharing inappropriate stuff about each other to humiliate the other. This can start as a single fight but it can end very badly. Kids are seen to be committing suicide because of cyberbullying.
  • They can have exposure to targeted advertising and marketing. Some ads are made to allure kids to share their information easily. Kids get easily impressed by those ads and click on them.
  • Social media addiction is another very common risk associated with its use. Teens are seen using their smartphones everywhere they go just to be active on social media, it is very dangerous for their mental and physical health.

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How to Monitor Social Media Free

Being a parent, you might be worried about your teens’ safety especially when they are so in love with the use of social media. You cannot stop them from using it for sure, and you cannot stop their access. Pushing them away from social media will only push them away from you. So, the best thing you can do is to monitor them.

There are plenty of parental control apps that can be used to monitor social media for teens. SecureTeen is one of the best ones where you can see their activities of social media easily and know any danger coming towards them. Also, you can manage their screen time. You don’t need to stop them from using social media, you just need to make sure they are using it right. So, start monitoring today and protect your kids today from the possible dangers of social media.

Also, it will help you develop a good relationship with your kids. You just need to have an open-communication policy at home where they don’t feel trapped and can talk to you about everything.