How to Monitor Social Media of Your Teens? Get Help from SecureTeen

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A long debate is being carried on about whether social media is right for kids or not. In one place, you see them getting confident, sharing their opinions, and interacting with people, but on the other hand, their addiction seems dangerous. But, there is no way that you can take away this luxury from them after giving them freedom. So, the best thing is to learn about how to monitor social media to keep them safe and protected.

Many parents are concerned about the mental and physical health of their kids as they get indulged in smartphones and social media more than they should. It is observed that kids don’t even take care of themselves once they are involved in the world of social media. Their personalities and habits are changed once they get addicted to it.

On one hand, there are parents and school authorities that are very much concerned about these issues, whereas, on the other hand, it is being considered an invasion of their privacy. This is the most trendy debate that whether parents and school authorities monitor social media of teens or not? It might be against their privacy to get into their social media this way. But at the same time, the dangers roaming around them make the parents think that this is required.

Signs That Social Media Is Putting Them in Danger

According to statistics, around 50% of teens have admitted that they are addicted to their cell phones. More studies have been conducted to know the depth of this addiction. Almost 66% of parents think that their teens spend too much time on social media. Kids are now replacing their activities, time out with friends, and much more just to be with their phones all the time.

If you are worried about your kid, here are multiple signs that indicate that social media is ruining them. You might be ignoring these signs, but it is time to notice your child deeply:

  • They usually ignore face-to-face interactions. If they have to do one, they usually withdraw themselves from the scenario.
  • They don’t like their normal routines anymore. They get easily anxious, stressed out, and feel overwhelmed.
  • You are noticing a sudden drop in their grades and they pay no attention to their academics anymore. They are not even interested in doing their homework now.
  • The responsibilities that you had given to them, they start avoiding them. They don’t like to do home chores and activities that were assigned to them.
  • They sit in front of you but they are not mentally present there. It means they are so much indulged in their mobile phone that they can hardly pay attention to their surroundings.
  • They are losing their closest relationships because of their social media and phones. They cancel their plans more often and seldom go out with their friends anymore.
  • Their sleeping and eating habits are being changed. They usually sleep late at night after being stuck their smartphone for hours. And, they hardly care about what they are eating.

If you see these changes in your child, you might want to consider putting a stop to their frequent social media usage. They are getting addicted to it and social media addiction is equal to any other addiction which leads to worse consequences.

Dangers of Social Media

Social media is not only dangerous because your kid keeps on checking on it, spends too much time on it, or changes their habits. It is dangerous for plenty of other reasons too. Here are some of the most common dangers over social media that your teen can encounter:

  • Cyberbullying – One of the most common practices over social media to humiliate and embarrass someone. It might start at a good start for your kids but it is only like that before they encounter someone who betrays them and deals with them poorly. They usually take embarrassing photos, videos, and stuff about other people and post them on social media to humiliate them publicly.
  • Predators – Predators are lurking around social media for the search of innocent kids who can fall into their trap easily. They play nice at the start, making the kids believe that they are well understood and they feel them. But, after that, they make these kids share their personal information which can be used against them.
  • Sexting – Teens tend to develop the relationship more often than adults over social media. And, as soon as they get started, they start doing things to maintain that relationship. One of these things is sexting. Sending inappropriate, nude, and sexual stuff to each other to impress the other person is sexting. Later, these can be used against them.

Learn about some of the more dangers of social media to know what your kids are getting into when they are using social media more than usual. You must stop them from doing this to themselves as it can harm them.

How to Monitor Social Media of Teens?

Plenty of parental control apps are in the market that allow you to monitor the social media of your kids. SecureTeen is one of the best ones that not only let you monitor their social media, but also you can monitor their calls, messages, and even manage their screen time. These are the things that every parent needs right now. Monitoring them is not about invading their privacy, but it is about foreseeing the danger that they cannot sense.

You must also make them believe that you won’t suffocate them with your authority. You are there just to help them and nothing else. They can come to you whenever they are in trouble. You must never judge them for what embarrassment or humiliation they felt on social media. You ought to make them believe that you are their well-wisher. If you will play all authoritative on them, they will run away from you as they value their freedom more than anything. So, be careful when dealing with their social media accounts as they are very sensitive about it.