Texting and The Need for Best SMS Tracker For iPhone And Android

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What is texting such a great deal? Why would you need an SMS tracker for iPhone or your kids’ Android phone? Does it seem like an unnecessary and exaggerated thing to do? Well, if yes then let’s widen your knowledge and exposure to today’s texting and help you realize how it can be dangerous for our kids no matter how smart and intelligent they are.

Not a long time ago, texting was nothing but an emergency service when you couldn’t reach the other person. All the important things including any information or emotions were discussed in person, not through texting. But now, texting is all our kids can think about when trying to talk to someone. They develop their relationship through texting, know new people through texting, share information, and almost do all sorts of communication through the help of texting. How can you think that this much texting is not dangerous for them?

Even medical professionals have come up with the term ‘text neck’ which is a medical condition related to the neck caused by the downward angle that is made when we use mobile phones too much. Doctors are worried that if it isn’t controlled, it can lead to the neck’s natural curve being distorted. Along with medical health issues, there are various mental health concerns that lead to severe conditions if not stopped at the moment. Excessive texting can lead to stress, anxiety, addiction, and depression which get worse with the passage of time.

How Texting Can Destroy Your Teens’ Health?

If you really want to get into it, here are a few of the things that are legitimate and have seen to be the result of excessive texting:

It Can Hurt Your Eyes

Spending hours in front of the screen can hurt your eyes. You might not realize it till your eyes start getting dry or hurt when you are having a long chat with your friends. ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ is a medical condition where prolonged exposure to the screen can cause eye dryness, head and neck aches, eye strain, and blurry vision. It is not limited to texting but long exposure to a small screen can surely increase the defect. People with this syndrome are seen to feel better when they took a break from the screen.

It Can Hurt Your Relationships

Surely in many cases, texting helps in maintaining a good relationship. Especially when you are telling your partner that you will be coming home late, or you are stuck somewhere, or anything of this sort that requires you to inform the other. A study found out that texting does improve relationships but the same study said that it can equally hurt relationships if the nature of texts is different.

If you are making important decisions over text and having intense communication through texting, it can really destroy your relationship as the interpretation of the texts is different for different people. Sometimes, it doesn’t convey what it is supposed to convey. So, having an important conversation via texting the wrong step for healthy relationships.

It Can Impact Brain Development

A study was conducted in Canada in 2010 where the relationship between the human brain and texting was the focus. It was seen that kids who use smartphones frequently have shown poor attention span and memory than those who don’t use smartphones that much. Experts say that the reason might be the fact that teens use smartphones very quickly and make frequent mistakes. Where they are used to auto-correct and making mistakes, it can lead to poor memory and shorten attention span in real life.

It Can Affect Mental Health

Have you seen teens becoming anxious, looking at their phones, again and again, being unable to concentrate on any other thing, or losing the interaction with real communications? Well, it is because texting makes them too much anxious and stressed. When they wait for the other person to reply, to comment on their post, or to just respond, they become too much stressful and it can become their habit which can lead to other severe issues. Depression is also one of the most common outcomes of using smartphones and texting too much. Learn more about social media and mental health to get an idea of how texting and related things are affecting teens’ mental health.

It Can Hurt Strain Your Back

Your eyes and neck aren’t the only things that can be hurt by the frequent use of smartphones. Often while being indulged in texting, we forget to straighten our posture which can lead to pain in the back. When texting, bad back posture can lead to muscle strain, headache, depression, heart disease, and constipation. Have you seen the kids when they are texting? They don’t care what posture they have, they just want to be completely indulged in texting.

Why Use an SMS Tracker for iPhone and Android?

Well, if you think about all the health issues and problems related to frequent texting, you might want to use an SMS tracker for the safety of the teens. Not only about the health concerns, but through texting they are doing a lot of things that they shouldn’t be doing like talking to strangers, sharing too much information, developing the wrong sort of relationships, sexting, and of course, deteriorating mental health. With such concerns, you need a tracker to make sure they are not walking the wrong path and everything is under your observation.

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