How to Choose the Best SMS Tracker Apps for the Kids?

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Should you be monitoring and tracking your kids or not? It is a debate being carried on for many years now and even now, parents carry different opinions in this regard. Some think their kids should be given proper independence and rights so that they can learn on their own. Others think that it is mandatory to keep an eye on the kids as the world around them is filled with danger and threats that they don’t see coming. Which side are you on?

To be honest, if you look around, what do you see? Is it a peaceful and safe environment where you can let your kids go and enjoy free or a surrounding filled with dangers that are literary taking kids’ lives. With the advent of social media, things have changed now. Where kids are given a platform to enjoy and get entertained, it has also opened the gateways to many threats that are unpredictable by the kids. For the parents who understand this, there are many monitoring and SMS tracker apps out there to assist them in this time of danger.

How Are Your Kids Unsafe?

You gave them their first smartphone upon their utter desire and you think it is safe? Well, there are more dangers associated with the social world than the physical one. Even some times these threats might come to their physical world haunting them and making them distressed. Most of this starts with the conversations they have with their friends and strangers. The more they get to know the people, the more they are in danger of being trapped and used. Here are some of the most common things that happen in the chat rooms:


Sexting means sending and receiving inappropriate texts, photos, and videos of sexual nature. When the kids develop relationships via social media, they try to do everything in their reach to impress their online partners and get as intimate as possible. This results in sexting which is not wrong but also dangerous in many ways.

What they don’t realize is that everything they upload on the internet is going to be there forever. The other person can use that stuff against them as soon as the relationship is over. Soon, it turns into blackmailing than getting intimate with them. Kids might not realize the gravity of this scenario but now you do.


Yes, in the real world and even on social media, predators are everywhere. As soon as they get their eyes on innocent kids, they make their mission to trap them. First, they play nicely, talking to them as they care too much and giving utmost attention to them. As they build their trust, the make the kids do things for them that might not be approved by the parents. They make them lie to their parents, and do things for them. It can also include sharing personal information like home address, credit card information, etc. This all happens in the chats and you can even be aware of these things if you are keeping an eye on the kids. Otherwise, it ends up bad.


Bullying has taken a new form where social media and technology are used to humiliate innocent kids. It is known as cyberbullying. Often it starts from receiving name-calling and hurtful SMS from strangers and then it takes new forms. People can be threatening your kid via chatrooms and SMS. Kids don’t tell their parents about cyberbullying because they feel ashamed of their selves. But there have been cases reported where kids have even committed suicide because of what other kids used to call them or how they were harassed by cyberbullying. Know the about the effects and causes of cyberbullying and monitor them to keep an eye on such threats.

·Online Relationships

Kids get too much excited when they start using social media and the first thing they do is to make new friends. These friendships often turn into relationships and it takes no time at all for achieving other levels. The problem is that kids don’t know who they are talking to. For all we know, it could be a child predator on the other side looking for innocent kids so that he/she can use them. Kids don’t do proper research before developing such kind of relationship because they are too vulnerable and in need of care and love. You must keep an eye on such a sort of communication.

SMS might have been started as the need for a time where people could communicate with each other easily with lesser words and the distance could be reduced. But, not it has taken new forms and welcomed new dangers especially when it comes to the kids who don’t know what they are doing.

How to Choose from the Best SMS Tracker Apps?

When you step into the market, you will find plenty of monitoring and SMS tracker apps for your purpose. You must do proper research before opting for an app. The best app must offer you other features as well that you will be needing when you are monitoring your kids. It must be versatile offering location tracking, social media accounts, monitoring, screen time management, SMS tracking, and much more. Also, you must choose the one that won’t cost you a fortune and is easy to use. Do a little research and you will find the most suitable app for your needs.

If you look closely, SecureTeen is one of the best parental control and SMS tracker apps that offer you multiple features under one roof. You can take care of your kids, monitor them, track them, and keep an eye on them through this app. Intervene when it is the time to intervene but with respect and wisdom. Right now, what you need is to make sure your kids are on the right track when they are communicating with other people. Use SecureTeen and is will be the best decision you have taken so far for the protection of your kids.