Using SMS Tracker App- Why Texting Is Dangerous for Teens?

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Worldwide, almost 80% of teens have smartphones now and since they are teens, they know how to use anything at its fullest. Everything is an adventure and fantasy to them and they intend to explore every aspect of social media and the internet. With these things comes texting which as common as it can be. And, to be very honest, years ago, nobody would ever think that texting can get dangerous.

A long time ago, the purpose of texting was just to reach someone when nothing else could be done, to send quick messages where there was no time to make a call or meet up. SMS was an emergency service that was used on purpose. But, that is certainly not the case now. Now, even if the other person is sitting in front of them, teens find it more suitable to text than talk directly. When and how it has happened? Do parents need to use the SMS tracker app to see what their kids are up to when they are stuck to their mobile phones?

Why can’t teens let go of their mobile phones and talk like real people? They find comfort in texting rather than talking to each other. It was not like this years ago, but now it has become a part of our lives and we are addicted to it so much that we don’t find anything odd in it. Texting has become the most important and common part of our lives.

Why Do Teens Prefer SMS?

There are plenty of theories about why teens do certain things like texting. However, texting is inducing something in them which is becoming permanent. Here is why they tend to lean towards texting more than anything else for communication:

  • They find it more convenient to talk through text rather than face the other person. They think they can talk about anything this way and nobody will judge them.
  • They are too shy to talk in person. Many studies have found that shy kids have another personality running along on social media where they know that the other person can’t see them. This shyness can turn into a lack of confidence when they have to deal with real life.
  • They can spill out their secrets and more personal things easily when they are texting someone. There is no need to be ashamed because you don’t know how the other person is reacting to it since you can’t see them.
  • They think it is a safer place for them to share things.
  • Relationships are better when you are in space with each other. They find it very convenient to carry out their relationship through texting as it gives them space and attachment whenever they need it.

Since it seems like so many benefits can be enjoyed via SMS, little do the teens know that it can be very dangerous too. Especially for the fact that you are relying on digital media with all your secrets.

How is Texting Dangerous?

It doesn’t sound dangerous at all to talk to someone via pressing some buttons on mobile phones. But, turns out, texting is as dangerous as any other crime because it can induce the bad in you. Here are some of the reasons to convince you that texting is unhealthy:

  • Nothing is secret or private in texting. Everything you share including your text, photos, and videos, will stay on the media and can be used against you anytime anyone wants. You might not be friends forever with the person you shared your secrets with. It puts you at greater risk of being bullied and humiliated by those secrets.
  • It induces anxiety and stress. The more you text, the more you get used to it and the anxiety increases as you wait for other people to reply as quickly as possible. This anxiety can take dangerous forms if not treated right away.
  • It makes you shyer and less confident. You make it your habit to share your feelings, thoughts, and ideas through texting that you seldom learn to talk about your opinions in public which makes you less confident.
  • Texting and social media addiction are similar to substance abuse as it enlightens the pleasure system of the brain keep it happy as long as you are doing it. The moment you try to step away from it, you get panic attacks and the urge to keep doing it.
  • It can cost you your health. How many times have you found them eating their food without their smartphones in their hands? Everything that is done with a smartphone in the one hand has no effect or meaning in real life.

With teens, the situation gets worse because they reach to the edge of everything for the sake of entertainment. They don’t understand what they have gotten themselves into unless something big happens which is uncontrollable. That’s why parents need to step in and do something.

SMS Tracker App

Using the SMS tracker app was not a necessary option many years ago, but now it is the need of time. You need to make sure your kids are not up to something dangerous when they are texting with their so-called friends. Given that teens have even committed self-harming activities and indulged themselves in dangerous habits due to texting, it has now become obligatory to keep an eye on them.

SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that helps you in achieving the state where you are relaxed about the safety of your kids. You can track their SMS, calls, location, social media activities, and much more through the use of this app. It has some amazing features that let you take care of your teens most authentically and logically.

The more you know about their activities on digital media, the more you can be relaxed. And, if there is something wrong, you can intervene in the wisest way to help them with their difficulties. Just make sure you know them for good during this journey of helping and guiding them.