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When you have tweens and teens, all you can think about is what they are doing at the moment? Are they making mistakes? Having fun? Or indulging in any dangerous activity? The reason why you think like this is that you have made some terrible mistakes that you cannot forget and you are afraid that your kids are going to do the same. Though in your times, those mistakes seem big but now they are mildly effective. Unfortunately, the mistakes that kids can encounter these days are far worse and destructive. This is what parents are worried about.

Kids don’t understand what they are doing because they are doing it for fun. Everything is exploration and fun for them but little do they know that these mistakes can cost them a lot even their life sometimes. When parents become aware of such dangers, they try to do everything they can in their power to make sure their kids are protected. Some parents are inclined towards using a monitoring app and SMS tracker Android without target phone. Some are against monitoring their kids because they think this might a violation of their rights and privacy.

Why Should Parents Monitor Their Kids?

When it is about monitoring and tracking them, parents have a different approach. Those who are against it or have never taken it seriously think that it is a violation of the rights and privacy of their kids. They think that their kids can sense the betrayal and run away from them if they try to use this approach. But others understand the gravity of the situation and think that the kids need to be checked on whether they like it or not.

Whether it is about a girl who leaned towards self-harming acts because of the kids who bullied her for being fat online and offline, or about the boy who committed suicide just because his girlfriend told him so on the SMS, the things are getting serious and parents need to pay more attention than ever. There are plenty of things going on with the kids in their real life and online world that they might not talk about but are hurting them badly and can turn into a disaster.

Here are some of the other reasons that will convince you to monitor your kids:

  • Depression is one of the main consequences of using a smartphone and the internet too much. Whether they are chatting too much or even looking at the posts of other people, kids can fall into depression after they have all the fun. Sometimes the thought of not having enough and seeing other people with their glittery posts can make them think that they are under-privileged and turn into depression. Sometimes a fling of online relationships can make them fall into depression when they come to realize that the other person is not serious enough. These are the small things for us but are causing serious damage to the kids.
  • Addiction is another perk of using smartphones and the internet. When you see them texting or checking their phone all the time while having dinner, during family time, and even in bed, know that it shouldn’t be happening. They can get too addicted to the internet that can affect their sleeping and eating habits. Moreover, this addiction can keep on increasing thus affecting their health.
  • Stress and anxiety are commonly seen in kids who are addicted to the use of smartphones. Especially when they use social media, they are seen stressed out all the time. The wait of getting the reply back, getting comments on the post, waiting for someone to like the photo can turn them anxious enough that they even lose their appetite for a while.
  • When it comes to life-threatening dangers, there are several threats on the internet. Cyberbullying has become of the major causes of teen suicide. Kids can bully each other easily over the internet or phone by name-calling, using inappropriate images and videos, revealing secrets, and much more. Sensitive kids can seriously get affected by such things can do dangerous things like being a bully themselves or harming themselves.
  • Another danger roaming around the internet is the predators. They can easily get access to innocent kids, make them do horrible things, and harm them in plenty of ways. They can be harassers too who earn kids’ trust by showing love, care, and respect and then use them for the wrong purposes. Moreover, they can even make kids share personal information that can be used against the kids and their families.

With these dangers roaming around the internet and smartphones, how can you think that your kids can handle everything when they are too young to even understand the intensity of the situations they are just enjoying.

Using SMS Tracker Android Without Target Phone

When it comes to how much our kids can handle, you should never leave things on them. They are young and innocent, and they can hardly tell the difference between enjoying things and sensing the danger. So, they need you by their side to make sure you can guide them about right and wrong. Even if they don’t want, some things can put them in grave danger if you don’t intervene at the right time. So, being there for them is a necessary thing and you need to make sure you are checking on them as well.

Using a monitoring app is a must for checking up on your kids and making sure they are not following the wrong path. SecureTeen is one of the best parental control and monitoring software that can help you with many things from tracking their location, SMS, and calls, to monitoring their social media and managing their screen time. So download and install this parental control app with multiple features and ensure the safety of your kid.