Teen Texting - Setting Boundaries and Using Mobile SMS Tracker

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The subject of teens and texting is the most ignored one as parents think of it as a normal phenomenon that is meant for the enjoyment of kids. They should be allowed to talk to people, use smartphones and the internet to create connections, and have fun. Where they might end up being betrayed or heart-broken due to those relationships, there are plenty of other dangers that might hurt them badly. This is what the parents never think about because either they trust their kids so much or they think that texting can never be dangerous.

Using a monitoring app or mobile SMS tracker can be a long shot for most parents. They think that they would betray their kids if they start keeping their eyes on them. While checking up on them seems like something they shouldn’t do, it is the only thing that can save them a lot of trouble and can help them protect their kids from the worse. They can stop things from getting worse by guiding their kids at the right time. Using a monitoring app can help the parents to sort out many things. But, first, parents need to be aware of the things that are unhealthy for parents while texting.

Issues Caused by Texting in Teens

Here are some of the issues that are caused by excessive texting in teens and can become intense with time if not stopped at the right time:

·Disturbed Sleeping Habits

When teens exchange texts all day and night, it affects their all habits including sleep. They hardly get enough peace and comfort to sleep sound at night. Regardless of what parents have told them, they will be found sneaking into their rooms and hiding under blankets only to use mobile phones and text their friends. Texting becomes so addictive that they can’t resist it even it is night. They usually wait for the other person to reply and as soon as they reply, they can’t wait to reply. This is how the cycle goes on but their sleeping habits are seriously disturbed.

·Self-Esteem Issues

Texting can simply destroy one’s self-confidence. It is not only about sharing every bit of their time, it is also about asking others for their opinions and pieces of advice for the decisions that are to be made. What do you think the teen's text all day about? They start from sharing their life, past, and present, and then in turns into this dilemma where they share every bit of their life including the things they are doing at the present. Soon, they become so addicted that they start relying on the other person for the minor decisions they have to make like what to eat, what to watch, where to go, etc. Soon, they lose their confidence and rely on the other person for most of the parts of their lives.


How can we forget the fact that your child might be being bullied by someone and that is the reason they are stuck to the phone all day? Texting can become the cause of cyberbullying as it makes them trust the other person so much that they share personal information with them which can result in them being blackmailed by the other person due to that information. They think that the person on the other side of the phone can be trusted and is their well-wisher so they end up sharing very personal information with them that can result in very bad consequences if the other person decides to use the same data against them.

·Driving and Texting

Let’s agree on one thing; texting is addictive. If not, then why cannot they resist it even when they are driving? Most teen accidents are caused by the use of smartphones while driving. Although they know how dangerous it is, still they cannot resist the urge to reply to someone who is texting them. Even when they try to maintain their focus on the wheels, they still don’t realize that attention is diverted the moment they receive the notification. It has become a very serious issue as it has caused many teens their lives.

·Anti-Social Behavior

Have you noticed that your kid doesn’t want to sit in the family meetings anymore? They don’t want to go to a get-together? And they are fond of loneliness for most of their time? Yes, then you should also note that while they are doing all of this, one thing is very constant; their smartphones in their hands. They aren’t going anywhere without their phones; they are not leaving their phones when they have dinner or any other activity going on. As it goes on, it makes them anti-social and soon they ignore all the social events making them completely alone.

With such dangers of texting, parents must come forward and do something about it as it has become so common and it is becoming very dangerous day by day. If parents don’t stop it right away, they can suffer due to the negligence of their kids.

Using Mobile SMS Tracker

The best strategy for the parents at the moment is to use a monitoring app and mobile SMS tracker. The more you know about their activities, the better you can deal with them and guide them for their best. It is not about betraying them, but it is about taking care of them as parents don’t realize what they are doing on texting.

SecureTeen is one of the best parental control app that lets you enjoy its features regardless of what dangers are coming their way, you can know everything beforehand. You can track their calls, SMS, location, and a lot more with the help of this app. You can guide them about where they are doing something wrong and what should they be doing right. Download and install this amazing app right now and get started with it.