Use Hidden SMS Tracker to Prevent Dangers for Teens

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Using a hidden SMS tracker seems odd to you? Well, it might seem like you are suffocating your children or they might not need to be monitored at all. Such thoughts can cross your mind while thinking about monitoring them but if you look around, many of the cases of cybercrimes have emerged from simple texting especially among teens who think of it as a way of communicating everything. 


SMS is a source of communicating, sharing, and exchanging information with each other. With teens, it has taken new meanings and forms. A long time ago, people only used to text when they couldn’t reach out to each other and they only used to share necessary information. Nowadays, many big and personal things are being shared through SMS making them more vulnerable and open to exposure. 

How Could SMS be Dangerous? 

Let’s take a look at a case that went on trial in 2017 where a woman was held responsible for convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide through texting in 2014. Her boyfriend did commit suicide years ago and later their conversations were revealed where it was seen that the girlfriend forced him to take the step. They were teens then. She encouraged him and then he inhaled carbon monoxide in his pickup where he died. This proved that kids don’t realize the gravity of something that they are writing and sending to the other person who can be in any mental state at the moment. 


Several tragic cases have been revealed where the center of the cause was virtual chatting among young teens. In 2013, several rape convictions were reported that came out to be the result of text messages among high school friends convincing each other of heavy drinking and sexual abuse. An alleged prank done through SMS led to the suicide of an 11-year-old boy. There are several cases and incidents like texting suicide have been reported where crimes are committed due to some insane texting.

Is Texting a Safe Place? 

For teens, maybe it seems like texting is safer and convenient to talk about every type of topic that you want. What could be easier than discussing sensitive topics with a friend who is far away from you? It sounds pretty easy and convenient. 


Teenagers think of texting as a private thing which it isn’t. There is an assumed intimacy when you communicate with other people through personal texting and no one can take that feeling. They think of it as a safe place where they can talk about anything and no one but only the other person will know about it. But, that is certainly not the case. 


Several cyberbullying cases have been reported where the opponent revealed some sort of private messages on the public platform to humiliate the other person. They might be sharing everything with trust and confidence but once it is gone, your information is still there and it can be used in any manner the other person wants. Several kids have committed suicide because their close friends revealed something very personal thing on the internet that he had shared with them via texting.


Teenage is a difficult period where kids struggle with identity, hormones, mental health, impulse control, and several other things. When these issues are on the rise, it can result in them sharing things via SMS. Most of the teens are too much shy to talk to anyone about their thoughts, ideas, and personal matters. For such kids, texting seems like an easy and convenient option. They might prefer texting even when they are in the same room as the other person. 


Vulnerability and pressure can make them do things that they might not do as adults. When they face difficulty in controlling their urge and impulse control, they end up saying things on the screen that they would never say in person. Sometimes they spill the secrets that if revealed can destroy them. 


Another danger associated with texting is a misinterpretation. Teens react to the other person’s opinions way faster when they are offended or feel attacked. SMS makes it easy to feel that even when the person on the other side of the screen has no intention of hurting you.


Such misinterpretations can lead to emotional breakdown and actions that are dangerous such as suicide. The tone often gets misread when you are communicating with the other person via texting. And, teens being impulsive, react faster than making things clear with each other. This leads to several dangerous acts. 

Using a Hidden SMS Tracker

Do you still feel that kids can handle things on their own? Or they should be left alone with their mobile phones no matter what they want to do or with whom they would like to chat? Well, it is not a safe world out there but it is even more dangerous when they are stuck to their mobile phones all day sitting in their rooms. Look around and see how kids are doing dangerous things, committing suicide just because someone said something via SMS to them. 


For this purpose, you need to keep an eye on your kids and their activities on phone. They might not know the consequences of the things they are doing, but you know it very well that their actions could ruin them. So, it is wise to monitor them and keep an eye on their texts. For this purpose, you can use parental control apps for your help. 


SecureTeen is the most authentic and amazing parental control software that can help you with all these things. You can monitor them remotely, know their social media activities, texts, and a lot more through the use of this app. You can also manage their screen time if you need it. You can know the danger before it hits them and guides them through it with the help of this app. Make sure that you don’t suffocate them and develop a good relationship as well.