Protect Your Kids from Sexting with Free SMS Tracker App

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Teens nowadays are getting pretty much acquitted with social media and technology. They seek fun, entertainment, and information in one place. Also, teens find it amusing and interesting in documenting their lives online. They find it entertaining to share their photos, update their status, chat all the time, share everyday activities and videos, and much more. This creates a culture where teens make impulsive decisions that can haunt them for the rest of their lives. One of the most common examples of such impulsive behaviors is sexting.

Kids take and send inappropriately and sexually revealing photos and videos to their online partners to spice up their relationship. This is called sexting and as inappropriate it sounds; it is equally dangerous too. Kids sext to entice someone, show their intensity, and prove their commitment. Little do they know that such relationships don’t last long but the pictures and texts they shared are going to be there forever. This is why there is a need to get your hand on a good free SMS tracker to make sure you know what your kids are up to.

Sending inappropriate pictures and videos is problematic enough but the real issue raises when the stuff is shared publicly by any culprit. Though kids have no intention of sharing these things in public once they hand over the things to the other person, they can’t do much about it. Many serious cases of betrayal and cyberbullying have been reported that had sexting as the main cause and base.

Why Do Teen Sext?

Why do teens do the things they do? Well, stress, emotional imbalance, hormones, pressure, disturbances, and a lot more things contribute at the time of teenage for doing many inappropriate things. They might deal with things differently if they aren’t given access to smartphones and technology. But, it isn’t possible now. They want to be up-to-date like every other person they know and you can’t stop them from it. So, it is better to understand why they do things that are inappropriate in the first place.

When they are given smartphones, they use them for various purposes. First, they take photos and videos as much as they can. And, then as they are introduced to the fantasy land of social media, they start sharing those things either publicly or in personal chatrooms. To get famous, to reach up to the level of someone they admire, to impress someone, there are various reasons why they do certain things when they are online.

Sexting is another thing that they do as a form of fun and entertainment. First, they develop these relationships that seem too much nice and caring for them. Then, they do everything in their power to maintain those relationships even if they are online not knowing how long will they last. Sexting is a way of flirting, pretending to be cool, and trying to spice up the relationship. Sometimes, it is also due to peer pressure. If everyone is doing it, you got to do it too.

Sexting includes taking and sending nude or nearly nude photos or selfies, videos that show sex, nudity, or such notorious acts, and text messages that refer to sex acts. It all seems fun as long as it is in that private window where you think only you and the other person on the chat is watching. But, if things become ugly, these things can come back in the most dangerous ways and haunt the kids for their lifetime. If you get to know the worst effects of cyberbullying on kids, you would be very careful about it.

Advice for Parents

If you want to keep your kids away from this wrongful act which, by the way, is also illegal, then you must do something about it. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Talk about it before anything happens. Don’t wait for the things to happen before you guide them about the consequences of sexting. Though talking about sex and such acts seem uncomfortable but you got to do it before something bad happens.
  • Show them, remind them that once they have sent the videos and pictures, there is nothing that can be done to reverse that. Show that it is very easy to save these things on any computer and share them with the world if the other person wants.
  • Tell them that you understand that they might be under pressure or they might feel pushed to do these things but in the end, it is they who are at the loss. No matter how big the pressure is, the humiliation they might face is bigger than that.
  • Teach them what should they do if they come across this situation where someone sends them such things. They should immediately delete the stuff and not think about showing it to anyone. The change starts with them.
  • Give them proper guidance about the dangers of media and how they should maintain their integrity while using social media for their fun.

Free SMS Tracker Apps

Teens are teens, they listen and sometimes don’t care. So, what you got to do is to keep an eye on them so that you know they are not in any trouble. No need to suffocate them, just be there to know the threat that they might be ignoring. Use the best SMS tracker app that allows you to monitor them no matter where they are and what they are doing.

SecureTeen is by far the most authentic and amazing parental control software and SMS tracker app that give you multiple amazing features to protect your kids from every type of danger that might come across. The more you know about their social media activities and the chats, the more you can be relaxed about what they are doing and if they are safe. Get to know them and be there for them if any dangerous things happen.