This Valentine's Day Single moms can have a love fest with her kids

Single mom Valentine’s Day date doesn’t need to be a man. They've got their little ones to snuggle up with! Looking for fun stuff to do with your kids? Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for kids to make sure you have a fun Valentine’s Day with your little ones.

Have a bake fest

Your kids are surely going to have a party at school on this day. Toss on your apron and push a stool up the counter for your little ones. Let the baking begin! Take maximum help of your kids so that they feel involved. Bake cookies or brownies with little surprises inside. This is a tradition that can provide hours of laughter, fun and family bonding for a single mom and the loves of her life.

Get crafty

Pull out your safety scissors and ask your kids to bring construction paper. Then help them make things out of it. Suggest that they make homemade Valentine’s Day cards for their friends and teachers.

Make a special Valentine’s Day meal

Decide whether you want to make a special breakfast, lunch or dinner. Get your kids to help you stir that pink pancake batter. Have them mash the meatloaf into heart-shaped patties. If cooking is not your thing, get pizza and call every slice your kids get a ‘slice of heaven’.

Or go out to dinner

Let’s be realistic – the thought of someone else cooking your celebratory dinner and cleaning up after it is a bit too appealing instead of tying up an apron yourself. Many restaurants have special menus for Valentine’s Day and if you call earlier you may get a reservation in a restaurant where kids can eat for free.

Take out the board games

Nothing says family fun like board games. Bring out a bit of your own child with classic games like Twister, Life, Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders and Monopoly. If your kids have grown out of these games, try playing Cranium or Apples to Apples — they are both big crowd pleasers.

Curl up for a movie night

Who needs a theater when you have a cozy couch? Have a mini movie marathon filled with lots of snuggles and kisses. Make your little ones choose a movie and watch it with them. Have popcorn and soda drinks to make your marathon more enjoyable.

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