How to tackle dating when you’re a single mom

It wouldn’t be wrong to think of single mothers as superwomen. They cook, clean and take care of their families along  with their full time jobs. The lack of a partner does little to thwart  their motivation to get out of bed each morning , in their effort to provide the best for their children. However, there shall come a time when dating waters might not appear to be murky, anymore. One bad experience doesn’t necessarily mean that single mothers should not date ever again. Once they are over  with the divorce and those painful child custody battles, there is a good chance  for the single mothers  to take a plunge, again. Our single mom dating advice is for such individuals who do not wish for a life of eternal solitude anymore and are ready to move on and start afresh.

Go Online

Going on a first date again after a while might seem like a giant ordeal – one which is equivalent to climbing the beanstalk, especially, when you have kids. The entire experience can make you feel jittery and nervous and give you a bad case of cold feet. This is where the information, super highway, can work to your advantage. Research proves that “breaking the ice” , with a stranger, over the Internet, is easier as opposed to meeting him, in person. Dating and even social media websites like Facebook are home to millions of people who you can interact with. This way, you can get to know them a little before going out on a date. Best of all, you can go online during naps, school hours or late at night, with a glass of your favorite wine, without any distractions.

Ask your friends for help

A friend in need is a friend indeed. That phrase doesn’t just serve as a life lesson but also hints at how friends can help single mothers get back into the dating pool. Friends can invite you to parties and introduce you to individuals who can, potentially, be your next love interest . They can even help you create an online dating profile. This should help you connect with people who share  similar interests, personality traits, likes and dislikes.

Know what you want in love

Single mom dating will be a whole lot easier if single mothers knew what they were aiming for.  Take some time out and delve deeper to know what you want, out of a relationship, at this stage in your life. Understanding where you stand, will help you narrow down the search and make the process of finding love a whole lot easier

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