Here’s an Advice for Single Moms on Raising Teenage Girls

Raising children especially teenage girls can be a daunting task especially when you are a single mother and have to do this job single-handedly. Mothers share a special bond with their daughters because they are more comfortable around them and can share anything with them. The bond becomes stronger only if mothers spend more time with them.

However, when mothers have to raise their daughters on their own, they have to fulfill the added responsibility of both mother and mother which makes the role even more challenging for them. Daughters do need nurturing and support from their mothers but at the same time also need discipline in their lives which is traditionally provided by fathers.

Still, mothers can put their act together and remain headstrong even if they are single. Let’s find out how single mothers can raise their daughters on their own and make this task easier to handle.

Avoid the Guilt Trip

It is common for girls to hold their mothers responsible for everything wrong if they haven’t done anything wrong in the first place. If something goes wrong, they can easily hold their mothers for actions and put the entire blame on them. This is something that cannot be fixed easily and may take some time.

Single mothers should remember that falling into a trap of guilt is not going to help improve the situation or better their relationship with their daughters. All you can do is keep yourself healthy in order to keep your family healthy and happy. Just because you do not want to spoil her by providing her with everything she desires, doesn’t mean your love is not sufficient for them.

Consider Dating Men

Just because you are a single mother, doesn’t mean you can’t date any person or putt dating off your list. It is perfectly normal and healthy to enjoy your social life as a single mother. You should take your time to get to know a potential suitor before considering him meeting your daughter.

First, allow yourself to get to know the person and find out what he wants from you. If he is okay with you having a daughter and is ready to accept her as his child then you should take your relationship on the next level. Also, it is important to know if he has his own children and if yes then what kind of a relationship he has with them. You should always ask these questions and many more to find out if you two are on the same page.

Important Tips

Another advice that we would like to give to all the single mothers is that they should try to seek out a positive male role model, be it an uncle, granddad or your boyfriend and invite them to your daughter’s special events where daughters are asked to dance with their fathers.

According to a recent research, it has been seen that girls who have reliable males in their lives are less likely to get engaged in a risky behavior than those who lack a positive male model in their lives.

It is also very important for single mothers to get in touch with their daughter’s friends and their families so you know who your daughter is spending most of her time with. You should only leave your daughter with friends and family members who can be trusted. Many young females are taken advantage of by the people who are closest to them. Single mothers have to be very careful in this regard.


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