Single Fathers: How to tackle your teen daughter's shopping list!

Single fathers raising daughters find themselves caught up in awkward situations from time to time. However, when their daughter enters her teens, it becomes a whole new ball game altogether. From going clothes shopping for teenage girls to buying other, more personal items, for them; single fathers often find themselves lost in a maze of the feminine making.

Discomforting as it may be, it is something that simply cannot be avoided, in most cases at least. Therefore, the best thing to do is to throw the awkwardness out of the window and get down to learning how to shop for the teenage daughter.

Shopping for clothes

Most girls develop a strong interest in clothes from a very young age. By the time they hit their teens, their wardrobe starts meaning the world to them. Unfortunately, this makes the job of buying clothes even harder for single dads. With a huge variety of tops, pants, and dresses available in the market, it seems rather impossible to know what the teenager would be happy with. The clothes already hanging in her closet can hardly be considered as reliable reflection of what she desires, courtesy of the ever-changing fashion. In order to avoid this complication, a single dad has two options available to him. He can either bring his daughter along for shopping, or ask them to properly explain their choice of clothes to him. If possible, the teenager should be requested to use the Internet to show pictures of the kind of clothes that she wants. Ideally single dads should take their teen queens along with them! 

Many of the clothes considered stylish by the girl may come off as a bit sleazy to the father. Rather than harshly telling the daughter that she cannot have what she is asking for, the father should try to reason with her and search for an alternative, something closer to what would actually suit a young girl. It must be kept in mind that a teenager would hardly make a compromise on stylish clothes, so be prepared for a tough fight. But ensure that your daughter doesn't turn into the new Miley Cyrus! 

Shopping for girl stuff

Single fathers never feel comfortable talking about certain things with their teenage daughters such as the changes in her body and the items that become an essential for them. However, it is important to understand the importance of these items for them. Therefore, the topic of stuff essential for girls needs to be brought up. If she has been in her teens for quite some time, then the father can simply ask her to write down the items she needs on a piece of paper and then get them. However, if she is barely into her teens, then needs something that the father cannot possibly buy for her on his own, then the best thing to do is to take her along to the market. The female helpers in shops pertaining to female essentials may help the teenager out.

Bring a woman onboard

One of the most convenient and effective ways of avoiding an awkward conversation with the daughter and making a discomforting trip to the market is by asking a female family member or friend to talk to the daughter. Not only would the female that the dad asks for help from be able to understand the needs and requirements of the teenager better, she would also have little trouble getting those things. The father would be spared of the discomforting experience.

Bonding between father and daughter

A lot of single dads complain about their teenage daughters not opening up to them. They feel that the latter have shut them out of their secret teen life, thus making them feel left out and somewhat unwanted. Fathers who shop for their daughters, however a great degree of comfort level, openness and trust with their daughters than their counterpart.

There is no denying the fact that shopping for teenage daughters can be immensely discomforting for the single father. The task does not become any easier with shopkeepers and observes fueling the awkwardness through their frowns and glares. However, the single father has no choice but to do what must be done.

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