Single dads: How to help teens cope with the death of a mother

It’s a difficult situation for adults to cope with the death of their loved ones. However, for youngsters it’s even more difficult to bear someone's loss and to adjust with the changes it brings in their lives. And the death of one's mother changes their world completely. This is the time when the father has to find a way to work through his own grief and help his teenagers cope with such a gargantuan loss. teaching them how to cope with the death of a mother is a tough task. 

Help them express grief

Instead of telling them to “be strong”, encourage your teen to express their grief. In their minds they are struggling with the grief of losing their mom forever. But they might feel the pressure to act normal in front of people in order to be strong. They are trying to survive the catastrophe that has hit their world. In times like these dads have to be really careful. They should talk to their teens about the pain they are enduring and help them vent.

Teen years are difficult

Teenage is a time when several changes occur rapidly which makes children confused. They do not have enough time to adjust with any change. To deal with the physical and psychological changes is quite challenging and when it’s coupled with loss of a parent, it becomes even more daunting. These challenges take the form of psychological and physiological pressures which makes it difficult for teenagers cope with death.

When these pressures are not dealt with they affect the academic performance of the teens in question. Eventually, the grief – if not expressed properly – takes the form of anger and despair, which leaves lasting negative effects on a child’s life.

Unconditional support

In such a precarious situation, unconditional support from dads, friends, teachers and the community go a long way in helping teenagers cope with the death of a loved one. Dad, caregivers and close friends should be sympathetic towards the situation and try to bear with the mood swings and occasional outbursts from the teen. However, if said outbursts become frequent then there is a cause for concern. In such a situation professional help should be taken to keep the teen away from any permanent damage.

Sudden death

No one is ready to face the death of a loved one, particularly children. But with proper support dads can actually step in and help bring stability back to their kid's lives. It's important that a father stay focused on the future, not just for his teens but also for himself. 

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