Single Dads and Teenage Daughters: How to Make it Work

It can be quite a challenge for single dads to raise teenage daughters. The latter are naturally more comfortable opening up to their mothers irrespective of their inclination towards the father figure. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, you need to stop thinking about how hard it is, and get down to making a dedicated effort to parent your teenage daughters as best as you possibly can. We’ve got a few tips for you that may help you to not only cope with the challenge better, but also win over your daughters’ affection and trust.

Get used to the Unpredictability

Although there is a lot of literature available on single parent family and developing good parenting skills, but still there are no hard and fast rules to making teen daughters happy as you can never know what they really want. They may be happy one minute, and angry the very next. It’s best that you get used to this. Don’t let the unpredictability of their mood confuse you. You need to be patient while dealing with teen daughters. The best advice for you is to go with the flow as long as they’re being safe and not putting their safety at risk.

Enjoy your Time with Her

Cherish every moment that you’re getting to spend with your daughter. One day when she’s all grown up, she’s going to fall in love, get married, and move out. For now, consider yourself the only man in her life and make the most of it. Spend time with her, do things to make her happy, and be there to support her at every step. There should be nothing stopping you from being your daughter’s best friend.

Don’t Impose Things on Her

Being strict if fine in certain situations, but if you think you can get away with imposing your decisions on your daughter, you’re in for a shock. Forcing a teen to do something against her will is bound to make her bitter towards you, and even rebellious if you keep on repeating your mistake.

Sometimes it’s Okay to be Lenient

Fathers usually are overprotective towards daughters but this does not mean that you apply restrictions on her. Sometimes, it’s okay to be lenient. There is nothing wrong in allowing your daughter to attend late night party if it is just for one time and if she asked for your permission. Just be sure to remind her that you expect her to avoid anything risky. If your girl asks for extra money or comes late, it’s better to first ask her for an explanation instead of lecturing her on the value of money or discipline.

Try to Understand Her

You need to accept the fact that despite all your experience, there are still a lot of mysteries that you haven’t unraveled about the opposite gender. Don’t assume stuff when dealing with your teenage daughter. Try to see things from her perspective. Invest your time and effort in understanding her mentality and emotions. It would help you bond with her.

When raising a teenage daughter, it may not always be a smooth sailing. However, you need to remain committed to the responsibility and try to learn something new every day. With the passage of time, everything will become easier.

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