How Single Fathers Can Raise Teenage Daughters in A Right Way!

It is certainly not an easy job raising teenage daughters, especially if you’re a single parent. It might be common to see a single mother raising teenage daughters and they pretty much get along well with their daughters, however, a single father may feel slightly under-skilled for playing the role of a single parent. Daughters are more comfortable around their mothers as compared to their fathers. They also tend to open up more with their mothers as they share the same gender. Fathers might face problem in raising their children all alone, especially daughters.

We have listed down a few tips for the single fathers that could help them raise their teenage daughters in a right way.

Understand How a Girl Develops

As a father, you should have an understanding of the different life stages of a girl, including what will come in every stage. A father should know what to expect from his daughter especially when she’s in her developing years. She will go through a lot of changes – psychologically, socially, and physically. It might be a bit easier to raise a teenage daughter but the process would get hard as she starts growing older.

Define Rules and Set Discipline

Once you’ve laid down some rules for your daughter and also set a few disciplines, your job as a father would be a lot easier. If any rules are broken or discipline is not met, then you should enforce the consequences of breaking them or not following them as discussed. Setting some boundaries will help you keep track on their activity.

Be Careful About Their Nutrition

Girls, especially during their teen years, have different nutritional needs from boys and men. A single father has to take utmost care about their nutrition and make sure they’re taking right amounts of minerals, especially iron and calcium.

Communication with Them

Communication plays a key role in sustaining a better relationship with your daughter. It helps in forming a strong bond with your child and also makes her feel safe and relaxed. You should always communicate with your daughter in order to make her feel relaxed and comfortable. She should be able to share everything with you.

Avoid Being Overprotective

Being a father it would be natural for you to become over protective of your daughter. However, this temptation should be avoided. Do not enforce your decisions on her because she will most likely rebel against you. Just let her do what she wants. Give her the freedom she is looking for and then she will respect you for it.


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