Five Ways Fathers Can Protect Their Children from a Pedophile

Those who prey upon children are known as pedophiles. A pedophile is a sexual predator, someone who is sexually attracted to children. Most of us believe that pedophiles have to be strangers, which is why parents advise their children to stay away from strangers and do not engage in any conversation with them.

However, various reports have suggested that pedophiles are those whom your children are already familiar with. They can be anyone, ranging from any of your family member, doctor, teacher, etc. In reality, a pedophile is far more likely to be someone whom your child already knows.

There were times when pedophiles were targeting young children inside or outside of the confines of their homes but now, they are also targeting them online. Child exploitation is on the rise on various social media platforms where sexual predators are preying upon young children and pre-teens quite easily.

Children who are immature and imbecile, especially those who can’t differentiate between strangers and known people, easily become a target for the pedophiles on social media. They talk to them online and become friends with them. In worst case scenarios, the pedophiles may even ask them to meet somewhere outside after they have developed a trust level with the children.

If you are concerned about your child’s safety on the internet then you must protect them from sexual predators. Being a father, you can protect your child from the online threats in so many ways. We have listed some ways fathers can protect their children from a pedophile.

1.       Take Interest in Your Child’s Life

Before taking the necessary steps to keep your child away from the pedophile, first, you need to be involved in their life and take a keen interest in their routine. You need to know who your child is spending time with, who is coming to meet them on a regular basis and what activity they are engaged in when they are at their friend’s house.

2.       Participate in Your Child’s Routine

Pedophiles are in the search of those children who appear to be alone or whose parents do not pay much attention to their routines. They tend to participate in children’s activities to get closer to them. The same strategy should be adopted by parents as well. They need to participate in the activities their children are doing and get involved in their lives as much as possible. When you are close to your children, you can set up a strong barrier between your child and a pedophile.

3.       Make Your Child Aware of their Body Parts

Pedophiles often have the habit of adopting cute names for the sexual parts of a child’s body. However, if your child is already aware of the proper names for their body parts, it is quite possible that a sexual attack may be prevented. Your child should know the actual names of their body parts so they can identify the sexual predators soon. If a child is well-informed, he may scare off the pedophile with his knowledge.  

4.       Sexual Abuse Can Take Place Anywhere

Sexual abuse is just not a big city problem. It can take place anywhere and at any time. It is important for parents and even children to know about the people who live in their vicinity as well as their community and always keep a close on those who seem to show an unusual interest in children.

5.       Make Your Child Listen to Their Intuition

It is quite important to teach your child to always listen to their intuitions. Intuition is known to be a natural defense system and as we grow older and become mature, it becomes more polished. This natural defense system has been designed to keep us away from harmful situations. If your child feels he/she is not safe talking to a particular person then they need to stop talking to them. This strong intuition should let them keep a safe distance from potentially harmful people.


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