A Single Dad’s Guide to Raising a Teenage Daughter

Raising kids as a single parent is hardly a walk in the park, but if you’re single dad raising a teen daughter alone, then you’re arguably staring at a challenger far greater than that of a single mother, which is really saying something. However, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We’ve got some amazing tips for single dads to guide them through the challenge. Go on, take a look.

1. Expect the Unexpected

There is a possible explanation for everything, but you might fail to see it when it comes to your teenage daughter’s mood swings. She might want to cry or scream one second, and become all chirpy and excited the next. So if your daughter gives you a warm hug after listening to your long lecture or shouts at you express your concern for her safety and health, then don’t worry too much. When it comes to teenage girls, then there’s only one rule that you need to remember - expect the unexpected. Just go with the flow. Do what you see as best in any given situation, and if you get confused over the reaction you get, don’t let it surprise you too much. Don’t lose your composure and avoid expressing your bewilderment to your daughter. She doesn’t need to know that you find her mood swings strange.

2. Stop Being Overprotective

Being a dad, your instincts tell you to be overprotective, especially when it comes to daughters, but this isn’t something that you should do. The reason is very simple. Being overprotective means you are sheltering her too much and solving all her problems without letting her learn how to resolve them herself. In other words, you are making her dependent on you. If you stay overprotective towards your daughter, then she may never learn to stand on her own feet and confidently face the challenges that life throws at her. Try to relax and loosen your grip on your daughter’s life a little. Have faith in her ability to get around on her own and make smart decisions. Just make sure you’re available for her whenever she needs you.

3. Don’t Run Away from Uncomfortable Topics

A lot of dads feel shy to talk on certain topics with their teenage daughters. The most common of these topics are relationship and bodily changes. If you are concerned about your daughter’s psychical and psychological safety, which you obviously are, then you must never hesitate to share relationship advices with her. Don’t go too much into details if you both are not comfortable with it, but at least talk to her about keeping things safe and avoiding doing anything that she might later regret. As for the bodily changes, you may ask a sister or friend to help you out by sitting with your daughter and discussing these things. Don’t just close your eyes to the whole thing, hoping that she’d eventually learn something on her own through the internet or her friends. Girls can become really scared and confused over the changes taking place in their body. Don’t dessert them and don’t delay anything. Get a female family member or friends to talk to her as soon as possible.

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