A Guide for Single Dads: Be Like Dwayne Wade at Home

Being a single dad can seem like a tough deal, especially when you are faced with the pressing challenge of balancing family life with work. However, NBA star Dwayne Wade has shown that single dads can do just fine. Determined to ensure a healthy development of his two sons, he makes it a point to grab every opportunity to get involved in their lives and provide them with attention and affection. The Miami Heat star is indeed an inspiration on how to be a good single dad. Acquiring Wade’s on-court skills may not be easy, but matching, if not surpassing, his parenting skills is surely something very much within your reach.

Invest in the Relationship

One mistake that single dads raising children often make is that they do not invest enough in their relationship with their kids. Coming home tired from work, television or bed can seem extremely tempting, but you need to resist this temptation in favor of giving your children some time. Make them aware of your presence in their lives through your affection and attention. Be there to celebrate their success with them, letting them know how much their happiness means to you. Be a team rather than individual sharing a roof. Furthermore, try to build the relation on mutual respect so that the bonds connecting you are strengthened.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Another thing that you need to ensure is that you are always available and accessible to your child. Being young and immature they’re likely to require your support and guidance every now and then. Always be ready to listen to them and help them in whatever way you can.

Set Empathic Limits

Disciplining your child can seem like tricky business, but only when you don’t really know how to handle the matter. You can neither afford to be too lenient, nor too strict. Instead, settle for a middle ground when transforming bad behavior. Start off by conveying your expectations clearly to your kid. Be firm, yet kind. Listen to their point of view and answer any questions they may have. If they’re not respecting the limits that you’ve set, try to understand the reason behind it rather than going for the punitive approach. Ease them into good behavior by connecting to them emotionally and recognizing the underlying problems behind their misbehavior rather than focusing on and reacting to the symptoms.

Get Help

Parenting can become quite testing at times. In case you need help with handling your kid, or are unable to help them in a certain situation, do not be reluctant to ask someone for help. Mother, sister, a friend or a colleague can all prove to be a good resource. You can also get plenty of help through online parenting guides.

Rather than dreading the challenge of raising your kid, or kids, as a single dad, learn to enjoy the ride. Helping your young ones grow into healthy, responsible and successful adults will definitely count as your biggest and most satisfying achievement in life.


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