Here are Some Ways to Deal with a Troubled Teenager

Parenting is surely a challenging task and it has never been easy for any parent. Being a parent is one of the most challenging and at times a difficult responsibility you can ever undertake, regardless of whether you’re a single parent or not.

While there might be a lot of work burden on your shoulders which can also become daunting at times, imagine what it would be like dealing with a teenager who is also undergoing some significant problems. It’s true that all teens go through different phases of life where they have to deal with education pressure, hormonal changes, dating stuff, peer pressure, making plans about the future, etc. While dealing with such matters, they might encounter problems which can alter their personality altogether and make them irritating. Instead of running away from the situation, parents should closely observe their teens behavior and look out for ways to deal with their problems. Here are some ways how parents can deal with a troubled teenager:

Do Not Lose Your Cool

One of the most common characteristics of troubled teenagers is that they love to provoke you in such a way that you end up reacting negatively. They do this by not listening, disobeying, back talking, rule-breaking, dismissing, or even provoking. During this time, the more reactive you become, the more the teenager will think he/she has succeeded in provoking you and gained power over you. All this while, you should never lose your cool and always try not to react in a negative way even if your teen is constantly trying to make you lose your nerve.

Develop Clear Boundaries

The other best way to deal with a troubled teenager would be developing clear boundaries for them. Most of the teenagers want to gain independence and make their own decisions, therefore they would try to challenge you on and off in order to test the extent of their power on you. In such situations, it is better for you to set some boundaries for them. Establish fair and reasonable house rules, code of conduct, ground rules which can be applied and followed consistently. If these rules are followed by you then your teens will be more likely to follow them.

Establish an Assertive Communication

Dealing with a troubled teenager will not seem like a problem if you establish an assertive and effective communication with them. The best way to decrease teenager resistance is to make them comfortable by communicating with them. Talk to them about their lives, routines, passions, and hobbies. The idea is to engage them in a conversation where you can motivate them and make them realize their worth. If your teen is surrounded in a positive and healthy environment, he/she will not feel reserved and will share problems with you.

Empathize in a Mild Situation

If ever you witness your teenager becoming difficult to deal with in a relatively mild situation, always show empathy towards them by not over-reacting. Instead of a frown, respond to them with a smile on your face. Adding a bit of humor to that situation will also make things easier for you. When your troubled teenager upsets you by doing something he should have refrained from, instead of feeling irritated or getting anxious, give yourself some space, take a deep breath, think clearly and then talk to them politely. Remember, if you will over-react in a mild situation, chances are your teenager will also tend to do the same, as a result, the situation will go out of your hands. 

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