When to Help Your Kids on Their Social Media Journey

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There is no doubt that our kids are born in the era of technology and they can’t be separated from it. The sooner you accept the importance of technology for them, the better you can help them grow. We, as parents, try to protect our kids from all the dangers possible by putting limitations on their activities. This is not what they deserve or like. They want to do what every other kid is doing out there and social media is more common now than ever.

You can’t limit them from using mobile phones or social media but you can help them manage their social media in a better way so that they are away from all the possible dangers. For this purpose, you must learn what dangers they should expect, how they should benefit from social media, and when to help them when they are using it. When you know these things, it will be easier for you to guide them and tell them about the correct use of technology.

Social Media and Kids

In schools or their surroundings, they can see people of their age using digital media. So, kids can’t be stopped or limited from using social media because they also want to explore and enjoy what other people are enjoying. What they don’t realize is that all that glitter is not gold. People might be seen enjoying it but it is a whole fake world where people show whatever they want to show regardless of what they are experiencing in life. If kids don’t understand this, they can fall into the trap of social media thus ruining their lives.

Why Is Social Media Bad for Kids?

Everything has a good and bad side, and the same is the case with social media. However, with social media, sometimes the bad can take severe forms thus hurting your kids. With factors like social media addiction, there are a lot of things to worry about. So, let’s dig into what possible dangers can your kids encounter while using social media:


It is no secret now that cyberbullying is taking the lives of kids in its severe form. Gone are the days when bullying was limited to schools only. Now, if your kid has a phone, he is prone to cyberbullying all the time, every day. It has become very easy to humiliate someone through the use of social media by using bad names, disrespectful posts, revealing secrets, and much more. Innocent kids often get too much hurt because of this and take severe steps.


Social media is filled with people who are searching for innocent kids so that they can get close to them and get them to share their personal information like home address, credit card information, and passwords. They know it is easy to trap these kids who are on social media for approval and appreciation. Once they get close to the kids, they start extracting the information and even blackmail them in doing inappropriate things.


Kids don’t learn about privacy when they start using social media. They see other people sharing everything, so they start doing the same. Kids are seen sharing their emotions, everyday activities, and even their things on social media without knowing if it is safe there or not. The information they share on social media can be used against them before they even realize it.

·Fake Relationships

It is very easy to trap kids in an online relationship. They start sharing their emotions, activities, and a lot more with the other person thinking that they can be trusted. Once the so-called relationship is over, the things they shared can be used against each other for the sake of revenge and anger.

Benefits of Social media for Kids

Where there are numerous bad things associated with the use of social media, there are some benefits as well. Where kids are prone to the dangers, they can also learn a thing or two while using social media such as:


Kids often don’t know how to express their emotions and talk about how they feel because of the fear of being judged. Social media gives them the platform to express their emotions without that fear because they are not facing the other person. They learn to share their emotions and open up about several things.

·Sharing Opinion

Social media gives an open platform to the kids to express their opinions about any matter they like. Mostly, kids are not welcome to share their opinions on serious matters. This makes them shy and less confident. But, on social media, they are free to talk about anything in forums, groups, and other platforms.


One of the most amazing benefits of using digital media is that it helps increase knowledge. Your children can know what is going on around the world, solve their homework issues, search more about any issue, discuss any topic there, and enhance their knowledge.

Social media comes with both advantages and disadvantages; you need to maintain the balance among two by helping your kids. You can’t just stop them from using media rather encourage them to use it the right way with your help.

How and When to Help Your Kids with Social Media

Making yourself well-aware of the use of social media can help you bring the best guide for your kids. Here are some tips for you to become better at helping your kids with social media:

·Educate Yourself

There are several platforms out there on digital media, learn about all of them, or at least about the ones your kids are using. Know the details of how these platforms work, what is the purpose, and what could go wrong because of these apps. Use one or two platforms for better understanding and only then you will be able to help them with their use as well.


If your kids are afraid of talking to you about the troubles they face online, then you are doing something wrong. Let them be open with you about anything they want to discuss. Don’t bash them about little things, instead, be more understanding and helping when it comes to listening to them. The more you understand them, the more they will share with you.

·Parental Controls

If you are on the verge of deciding whether to use parental control features on your kids or not, do it right now. Parental controls are essential when it comes to protecting your kids. You can’t just leave them freely. There are dangers that they won’t see until they are hurt, so you must be there to oversee those dangers and help them pass through them.

SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that will not only help you keep an eye on them but also you can manage their screen time and do a lot more with this app. You can protect your kids by knowing the danger and helping them manage it in a very well manner. This way will also confide in you and come to you for help rather than sneaking out and doing something wrong.

Help your kids grow better rather than limiting them. Be the parent who knows that their kids are capable of handling everything. You must not be authoritative on them. Be kind and open so that they can come to you in the hour of need.