Why Parents Should Not Argue in Front of Their Teens

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you, as a parent, fight in front of your teens? It is believed that your constant fighting with your partner can affect your teens in a negative way.

It is true that being a parent is not an easy task. Parenting is hard work and can be daunting at times especially if you’re a working or a single parent. Sometimes, arguing in front of your children is an inevitability because you are also a human after all and there may be instances when you lose temper.

The odd heated argument you have with your partner can be extremely harmful to your children, especially if you are young and are emotionally and physiologically sensitive. The constant yelling, name-calling, screaming, the use of angry tones, the violent behavior, threats to leave, etc., can leave a negative impact on your child’s mind.

Reasons to Avoid Arguing in Front of Kids

There can be many reasons why parents should avoid fighting in front of their children. First of all, parents are suggested to not argue in the presence of their children. Even if they are in the vicinity of their children, their arguments should be far away from their hearing range.   

Constant arguments can lead to devastating effects. Several reports suggest that younger children whose parents had harsh arguments and frequent disagreements were more likely to struggle with anxiety, depression and behavior issues by the time they reached their teen years.

It becomes physiologically traumatic for children when they find their parents fighting in front of them. Their blood pressure shoots and they undergo different levels of stress. They lose their concentration at school, as a result, their academic performance becomes poor.

Children have an odd way of assuming that their parents are fighting because of them and start taking responsibility for most of their parent’s arguments. It doesn’t make much sense but whenever their parents fight, they think it happens because it is their fault.

Where to Argue if Not in Front of Kids

Sometimes arguments are inevitable. However, when you want to pick up a fight with your partner then make sure your children are not nearby. You can move to a different place where your argument may not reach your child’s ears. Visit a park or some other place apart from your house so you can develop an acoustic shielding from your kids.

Not All Arguments End up Having Negative Effect

While some arguments may leave a negative effect on your child’s behavior, some may not. Not all the arguments you have with your partner in front of your child are bad. In fact, if you can handle the arguments in a loving and respectful way that it can be actually good for your children.

For instance, when you resolve conflicts in front of your children with positive emotion and compromise, you are helping your child experience an increased sense of security and develop good relationships and self-esteem. This will help them face less psychological issues. Children will end up doing better at school and develop good social skills.

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