Teens and Braces: Make It Easier for Them to Cope with the Treatment

It’s really not that hard to understand why teens feel so strongly about wearing braces. It doesn’t exactly do a lot for appearance, and can at times cause discomfort. It also burdens them with additional responsibility as braces can easily get damaged if not taken care of properly. All these and many other factors add up which causes teens to refuse to get the treatment. Much to their dismay, getting braces is not an option, but rather a necessity that their parents, i.e. you, know way too well to compromise on. This simple dental procedure not only gives your kids a dazzling smile, but also maintains their dental health by alleviating serious issues such as headache, jaw pain, sleep apnea, etc. Although making them appreciate braces is next to impossible, you can still make them relatively less resistant and help them through this dental treatment by following these tips.

Convince Rather Than Pressurize

It’s important that you don’t impose the decision of getting braces on your kids. Instead, give them time to think about it and wait for their consent. If they refuse to wear braces, saying that it will make them look ugly, then try to come up with a solid argument to convince them otherwise instead of pressurizing them. You may give examples of famous celebrities like Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, etc. who have had to wear braces at one point in their life. Share the long term benefits of wearing braces, emphasizing especially on the appearance as it is likely to be one of the biggest factors stopping them from giving a green signal to braces.

Take Necessary Measures Before and After the Procedure

Fixing braces is a painful procedure, so it is very common for kids to feel uncomfortable during and after the procedure. Just do these simple things to minimize their discomfort.

  • Get an appointment with the orthodontist before going for the treatment 
  • Give teen a painkiller on the way to orthodontist’s clinic.
  • Keep them busy especially during first 12 hours of the treatment to minimize pain and discomfort.
Helps Kids in Adopting a Braces-Friendly Lifestyle

You must realize that braces introduces some really big changes in teens’ lifestyle, while giving them a set of new responsibilities, e.g. cleaning braces and maintaining dental health. It can take them a while to get used to this new responsibility. The first few days are difficult as kids are not habitual of this new routine. To make things easier, keep reminding them to do the following:

  • Avoid eating chewy, sticky, and crunchy food as it may damage the braces
  • Wash mouth before and after every meal
  • Use a painkiller or orthodontic wax when needed to minimize pain and soreness (after seeking your permission of course)

Your support and guidance can make it pretty easy for your teens to cope with bracers, which is why you should ensure that you are there for them every step of the way. Be understanding and patient as they take their time to adjust to the dental treatment.

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